Too Much Winter
Too Much Winter

Fourth Winter: Can It Please Be Spring Now?

I’ve been working outdoors for so long now that I can’t work inside. Seriously. I mean, between writing that sentence and this one I had to pop my head out the front door just to get a breath of fresh air. Most of the time this constant outdoor exposure is pleasant.  You get your sunshine, your cool breezes, and your birdsong. When it’s hot out I can dunk myself into a pool to cool down.

But this time of year, the springtime? Man, that shit is overrated.

Most people who work indoors deal with a hurried morning commute, usually in the comfort of their own car or on public transportation. “That’s a brisk breeze,” they’ll say, then bundle up and head inside where the hot coffee flows like water. By the time they leave at five PM the sun is out and the weather’s warm. “What a gorgeous day,” they exclaim, “I wish I got to spend more time outside today!”

Trust me, it ain’t as nice as it sounds. Not this time of year.

Fourth Winter

Weather in 2018

I saw this meme on Imgur today. My head nodded solemnly, understanding the truth it spoke. Fact is, these springtime days aren’t so lovely. Sure, we’re peppered with a few decent ones here and there, but most of the time these April days consist of blustery winds and the dreaded damp and cold air that steals precious heat from your body.

Most of the time the mercury flirts with freezing. Even though the sunshine feels good and fine, that warmth is stolen every time you step into the shade.

Lunchtime? Hope you enjoy sitting your ass on the cold and wet ground.

Wore anything but wool socks today? You can say goodbye to any semblance of feeling in those tootsies until you’re home and in the warm again.

After experiencing that fluctuating cycle of winter-spring-winter-spring so many times, you’d think I was sick of it. But I’m not.

Every winter we experience refreshes the cold, makes us pop our coats out of the closet again, cranks the heat up in the car. But every winter makes that sweet promise of spring a sweeter and sweeter thing. Those sunny breaks in the day give me pause to stop what I’m doing and soak up that sunshine.

Before long it’s going to be summer and I’ll be aching for a cool and rainy day, some reprieve from that miserable Philadelphia heat. I’ll close my eyes and think of a crisp winter day to remind myself it won’t always be so hot.


My fiancee says I’m too level and balanced. I’m rarely excited and almost never dismal. I take it as a compliment.

I consciously balance out the highs of life by reminding myself there will be lows, and lift myself from the dumpy moments by reminiscing myself of the highlights I’ve experienced. It’s a great balance that works well for me.

It might not be for everybody. Some folks just aren’t inclined to think that way, and others have no desire to. But there’s still something to take from it.

Enjoy those winters, even when it’s the third and fourth and fifth you’ve felt this season. Remember that a warm afternoon often starts with a chilly morning. Hell, be grateful you get to experience any of it. I’m pretty sure most of those stiffs in a graveyard would gladly change places with you if they had the chance.

Fourth winter it may be, but a cold day can still be a good one.