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Fall Fashion: Men’s Transitional Style Pieces

Fall fashion is all about those transitional pieces; soon we’ll be seeing the back of the warmer weather, and a cool crisp chill will creep back in. It might be a little while until we need to wrap up in thick coats and gloves, but you’ll definitely want to make sure your wardrobe has some staple items to get you through as the temperature drops. If you choose well, your fall fashion will last you right the way through to the winter, and then be used again for the spring too so it’s a worthwhile investment. Here are some essentials to go shopping for. 

Jumpers/ Hoodies

When it’s no longer t-shirt weather, hoodies and jumpers will give you that extra bit of warmth before you need to go searching for your coat at the back of the wardrobe. A comfy and cosy daily staple, invest in a couple of good quality hoodies and jumpers as they’ll always be used and come in handy. Style with jeans or some casual men’s wide leg trousers for a trendy yet comfortable everyday look. 

Light jackets

A light jacket is another essential item for layering, wear over a tshirt when the weather is mild or over multiple layers once it starts getting colder. A waterproof version will be perfect for keeping dry on rainy days, which we’re about to start seeing more and more of as we move into autumn. Essential for that chilly in-between stage as we move through to the ‘ber’ months (September, October, November). 


Since we lose most of our body heat from our head, a hat is the perfect autumn accessory especially when you’re not quite ready for a thick coat. Go with a cap on sunny days to keep the rays out of your eyes, or beanies which look trendy while being warm and functional- great through from autumn all the way until it warms up in the spring. Hats are also ideal for those times that you’re in need of a haircut as well!


You might not need your rain boots yet, but of course, sandals and sliders won’t last you through to the winter. Sneakers are another comfortable, practical and stylish transitional pair of shoes. While they’re perfect for all year round, they’re particularly good during the autumn since they’re lightweight and go with pretty much all casual pieces in your wardrobe. Great for this period where you’re probably wearing a lot of jeans, jogging bottoms and chinos with hoodies and tshirts during the days. 

What are your best transitional clothing items of fall fashion? How do you move your wardrobe from summer through to the winter without breaking the bank?