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Do These 6 Things if You Have Been Injured in a Truck Accident

Getting into any kind of automobile accident can be scarring for life, but the severity and complexity of the accident can exponentially increase in the case of a truck accident. Unlike normal car accidents where the degree of damage done to both vehicles can relatively be equal, most truck accident victims suffer permanent physical and extreme property damage. If you’ve been involved in a truck accident, or know someone who did, there are a few steps you should carefully follow to preserve your rights and get the proper treatment you need. Here are the six steps you’ll need to follow with the assistance of a truck lawyer.

Truck Accident

Call 911

There are two reasons why calling 911 should be your top priority. Once you connect through, the 911 dispatcher will direct your call to your local authorities, which include both emergency responders and local law enforcement agents. There are high chances that you’ll be too injured to do anything or assess the medical state of your fellow passengers, and that’s why you’ll need medical attention ASAP. If you feel fine at the time, remember to visit a doctor after the scene wraps up to test for any latent or invisible injuries. Meanwhile, local police officers will be dispatched to assess the accident scene and file a report. Make sure to get the report number and take a record of it, when you approach a specialized truck accident law firm to build your accident claim case this can be a valuable piece of evidence that could form the basis of your legal argument. A lawyer will also initially ask if you’ve seen a medical expert at the scene to ensure you’re okay, failing to do so can tip the odds against you when looking for compensation for an accident, so you have all the more reason to ensure you get seen by medical staff.

Gather Evidence

If you’re able to move around without any risk to your life, your second priority will be to gather all the evidence you need from the accident scene. While you’re waiting for the police and ambulance to arrive, take pictures and videos of the crash, the surroundings, the damage, and the injuries. Exchange contact information with the truck driver but don’t get into any emotional discussions; you don’t want to accidentally implicate yourself by admitting fault or offering to take responsibility. If you notice any bystanders, ask them if they’re willing to testify as witnesses to what happened and get their contact information if they do.

Call a Truck Accident Lawyer

There’s only so much you can do on your own, especially in cities like Denver where semi-truck accidents are on the rise. Whether you want to get compensation for the damage you’ve sustained, want to avoid liability or both, your chances of success will be much higher if you find a reliable and experienced truck accident attorney in Denver who can litigate the case for you. Fortunately, most truck accidents get settled before ever needing to go to court anyway, but having an experienced lawyer by your side will ensure you get fair compensation for the damage you’ve sustained. In addition to physical and property damage, this includes current and future lost wages and emotional suffering as well.

It pays to have a reliable lawyer you can call immediately after any serious accident. It’s worth looking around and comparing several different attorneys’ qualifications and experience levels before you pick one to take your case. can enable you to locate a truck accident, qualified lawyer. Before settling on a particular lawyer, ask as many questions as you can.

These might include their experience level, how many successful truck accident cases they’ve handled, possible fees, how they’d tackle the case, and if there are any additional charges. It’s also essential to find out what proof or evidence the lawyer plans to rely on to win the case.

You have many options when it comes to getting compensation for damages. To win the case, your attorney will need to prove:

  • The truck driver involved was negligent. Negligence means they failed to exercise reasonable care in an accident situation.
  • This negligence caused your accident resulting in damages, including property damage, lost wages, and emotional suffering.
Truck Accident

Get Your Car Appraised

Whether your car has been extensively damaged or the damage looks relatively mild, you’d better lay off any repairs until your insurance company gets your car appraised. Most likely, the truck’s insurance will cover the cost of all the damage your car has sustained, but you’ll need your insurance company to appraise the damage, estimate the repair cost, and then provide you with the insurance claim you (or your lawyer) can present.

Stay Away from Social Media

As a general rule, posting the details of an open case on social media is a terrible idea. As you already know, anything you post on social media can, and will be used against you. Since truck accidents are usually high-profile cases that can cause road closures and involve huge cleanups, it’s important to refrain from commenting about the accident until the case is resolved.

Document All Records and Paperwork

If there’s one thing you’ll learn throughout the process, it’s that you need to provide evidence for everything. You’ll need to present medical records of your injuries, bills of your medical procedures and medications, police reports of the accident, insurance claims, and every other kind of paperwork you can imagine. To make it as relatively simple as possible, make it a habit to ask for a copy of any kind of documents, send it to your lawyer promptly, and keep it organized in a folder at your disposal.

Getting involved in a truck accident can be extremely catastrophic. It’s crucial to move swiftly right after the accident to take care of the injured and preserve the rights of the victims. To do so, your priority should be to call 911 right away and gather evidence in the meantime. Although you can hold the fort for a while, it’s better to entrust an experienced truck lawyer accident to settle your case.