Essential Items For Your Wardrobe And How To Take Care Of Them

The perfect gentleman should be ready for any social situation, and to be ready, you will need to have the right wardrobe. There are several items that you simply must have in your wardrobe.

In this article, we’ll talk about the items that you should have and what you can do to take care of them and wear them right. 

 What Are The 12 Items That You Should Have In Your Wardrobe?

Although you can have any clothes you like in your wardrobe, you should have the following items as they are all very versatile and will come in very useful. 

  • Two Mens T-shirts in white and black
  • A pair of casual trousers 
  • Two V-neck Jumpers- one dark, one light
  • Two pairs of formal shoes – one black, one brown
  • Two shirts- one white, one blue
  • One black suit
  • One dark jacket
  • One revesible belt with a black and brown side

How To Extend The Life Of The Items In Your Wardrobe 

If you look after all of these items, they will last for a long time. Here are some tips for extending the ife of the items in your wardrobe. 

  • Look for a trustworthy dry cleaner. Many of your items will be dry clean only. 
  • When you get items of clothing like your suits back from the dry cleaner, make sure you take them off the hanger. This will stop the creasing at the knees and shoulders. 
  • Make sure that you protect your wardrobe from moths. Use pine balls. If you are storing your clothing for a prolonged period of time, then you should consider putting your clothes into sealable hanger bags. 
  • When you buy a suit, don’t throw the spare buttons away. Keep these in safe place, you may need them one day. 
  • Learn how to iron your own trousers and shirts. There is nothing worse than crumpled clothing and you shouldn’t expect others to do the job for you. 
  • Wash your own clothes. That way, if anything goes wrong with your clothes, then it will be your own fault. 
  • When you sit down while wearing a suit, make sure you unbutton your jacket first. This will stop your buttons from getting stretched. 
  • To avoid getting permanent creases on the knees of your trousers sponge them lightly and press them regularly. 
  • Avoid filling your pockets with smartphones, keys, and wallets. Think about using a bag or briefcase instead to carry these items instead. Remember that items in your pockets can cause your suit to lose its shape. 


It is important that you invest in a good pair of shoes and that you take care of them so that they will last you for many years to come. Buy a decent polish and brush and learn how to clean your shoes properly. Once you know how to do this, do it regulalry. 
To clean your shoes, wipe them down with a light damp cloth and apply polish. Leave this to sink in on both shoes. Once this has soaked it, buff the polish up to a shine with a second brush. Finally, finish them with a duster to bring them up to the perfect shine.