Creating Captivating Commercials: Why Story Matters the Most

The anatomy of a good commercial has evolved over time, just like the markets it was intended to attract. New trends came and went, offering new angles of approach to marketing across various media. As time went by, almost everybody started getting a glimpse of what is arguably becoming the key to good commercials – a good story. Join us as we discuss why the story behind the commercial matters the most and how you can use it to impact your own business. 

Peering into the Mind of Consumers 

Making a product attractive to any target audience isn’t easy. Almost a century of failed marketing trends and campaigns that fell short can attest to that. However, products still got sold as people figured out what works and what doesn’t. 

That being said, consumers and people on the other end of the equation adapted to these emerging marketing trends as well. Catchy radio commercials used to work. They’re not so hot anymore. Today’s audience is very hard to sell to, but not impossible. As many marketing experts figured out, modern audiences react well to a story rather than an artificial attempt to sell a product. 

Being Invested in the Product 

The global consumer market has reached a point where selling the product itself was no longer enough. People wanted more. In the world of global networks and the internet, vetting a product through independent sources takes but a second. 

Companies had to take a different approach and come up with something more original and honest. They had to create a narrative that would include the product but also the story about the company itself. A successful marketing campaign is no longer a standalone entity but rather a piece of a much larger puzzle that gets another episode when the new version of the product hits the shelves.

Building such a complex narrative takes talent. Experts over at state that building a global campaign for a high tier client requires plenty of planning. Putting everything together in a meaningful way is essential. 

Tools for the Job 

Every company has a story. Some stories are more enticing than others. However, it’s fair to say that the way a story is captured is probably more important than the content of the story itself.  Capturing the essence of what a company is all about professional gear and know-how. Videography experts understand that there’s a comfortable minimum that should be adhered to. 

With all the right tools at your side, the only ingredient left to add is know-how. Videography is an art, but also a skill. Every skill can be perfected, given enough experience. Working with people able to see the finished product through the prism of analog and digital videography equipment is key. 

The Importance of Creativity 

Creativity is everything in advertising. After all, you can’t come up with something new unless you’re able to visualize it first. That being said, creativity can be viewed as a form of out-of-the-box thinking with numerous layers behind it. The process itself depends on balancing originality with flexibility, innovation with synergy. 

As expected, every creative process is unique. It is exactly this process that can take a bland or otherwise uninteresting story behind a company or a product and turn it into a compelling narrative that would get the consumer invested in the brand. Sometimes it pays to be subtle, but sometimes being loud and obnoxious works too. It all depends on the message or story you’re trying to convey to others. 

Give Them Value 

Story-driven commercials are all about offering value that goes way beyond the product you’re trying to sell. That’s what leads a person to become invested in your brand. The moment they feel like they’re part of a movement, a team, a particular group, is the moment they’ll be most accepting of a sales pitch. 

Knowing Your Own Limits 

Becoming a successful storyteller in advertisement takes experience. Aside from a few talented individuals with an obvious and often inexplicable head start, most marketing professionals have to grind jobs until they develop that necessary intuition. 

Knowing when to step aside and let the pros take care of business can mean the difference between success and failure. An experienced videographer can really push the brand to a whole different level and give the products you’re placing in the market the inertia they need to succeed. 

On a completely different level, a good story-driven campaign can lay the foundation for any future work given that the audiences are reacting well—case in point, John Lewis Home Insurance with its campaigns such as the Tiny Dancer. There are many such cases out there.