Soul Squared Brewing Co. is Redefining Wheat Ale

Colorado Wheat Ale is a dynamic classic wheat beer that comes from an amazingly innovative new brewery in Northern Colorado; Soul Squared Brewing Company. Soul Squared is a new upstart that is housed in the original barn of a working farm that sells their beer in the same manner as the farm around them sells their crops; through community-powered and supported agriculture.  Every month the brewery releases a new beer available only to members of the Community Supported Agriculture program (CSA), and each one is something to behold.


I recently had Colorado Wheat Ale, Soul Squared’s CSA beer from August; is a great wheat that brings the style back to its roots. I poured the first half of the bomber into a standard Pilsner glass and a medium density pure white head formed quickly and dissipated at a moderate rate leaving thick tracks on the glass. The color is a brilliant hazy golden yellow that reflects on the table in a beautiful halo, you can see the quintessential wheat induced cloud immediately. The nose is filled with a malty floral tinge that gets you ready for the beer itself. The taste is a spectacularly clean with heavy maltiness that balances spice notes well.

Soul Squared locally sourced all their wheat and even the barley itself is malted in Colorado, this commitment to local products makes this beer one to behold. The brew does not have a heavy hop profile so it finishes extremely clean making it easy to enjoy in any situation without ruining your palate. This is a great brew that perfectly embodies the back to basics movement that Soul Squared represents.

Soul Squared only allows two of its beers to be distributed via normal channels to bars and liquor stores; this means the only way to get their most unique brews is to join Soul Squared’s CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) and receive a case of bombers of a new beer every month. The brewery offers CSA shares in either six month or full year increments and from what I have sampled every beer is quite unique and impressive; you would miss out if you do not join the CSA. Try and hunt down a Colorado Wheat ale or better yet join the CSA, you will not be disappointed.