The 6 Best Golf Cart Accessories of 2021

Owning a golf cart is fun. These useful personal vehicles do more than just haul people around the golf course. Carts have found their homes on college campuses, retirement communities, beach homes, HOA neighborhoods, farms and ranches, large private properties, and even on hunting grounds. Their moniker is no longer wholly appropriate.

With such diverse jobs, it’s no wonder that owners buy golf cart parts and accessories to customize their rides. And honestly, that makes owning a golf cart even more fun.

Most Popular Golf Cart Accessories
There are so many possibilities for customization, it’s probable to say that no two individually-owned carts are exactly alike. But some golf cart accessories are more popular than others. Here are owners’ favorites.

1. Golf Cart Topper

Adding a topper to a golf cart immediately makes it more useful. A cart topper keeps rain and direct sunlight off the driver and passengers for a more comfortable ride in most seasons. Toppers come in either hard or soft styles, with hard toppers being made out of sturdy plastic, and soft ones tending to consist of vinyl or another durable, fade-resistant fabric material. The style you choose can change the overall look of your cart.

Installing a cart topper also enables you to add other accessories that are made to attach to the topper or the struts that hold it up, so it’s a logical first step in your golf cart customization journey.

2. Golf Cart Stereo Systems

A golf cart stereo system comes in many forms, including ones that install directly into the dashboard and others that clip onto the golf cart topper. Some are Bluetooth-capable, meaning you can stream any music you want directly from your smartphone. Others include a standard AM/FM radio so you can get the latest news, sports, and weather while you’re out and about.

The top-of-the-line stereo systems include LED lights that can change color and flash in time to the music – so you can really make it a party wherever you go.

3. Lift Kits and Off-Road Tires

Golf carts used for utility purposes need special parts so they can do their jobs. Cart parts like lift kits, which increase the ground clearance of the cart, paired with all-terrain or off-road tires, means the golf cart is able to navigate rough surfaces, like rocks, forest floors, and farm fields with ease, and without bottoming out.

With so many lift kit types available, it’s important to research each one before you decide on one to buy. Depending on the one you choose, you could create a rough, unforgiving ride for your cart, or one with lots of cushion as you bound over boulders in Boulder or drive over dunes in Delray Beach. 

Similarly, the right tires are important when paired with a lift kit. If you lift your cart, you’ll have to purchase new tires and possibly wheels to fit properly. These golf cart parts go hand-in-hand. 

4. LED Light Kits

The term “light kit” encompasses lots of options in the golf cart accessories world. It can mean a set of headlights, tail lights, and turn indicators for road use. It also can mean a set of LED light bars and spotlights in colors like red or green – useful for navigating dark rural areas while out deer or turkey hunting. Because lights fall into such a broad category, most people purchase at least one LED light kit for their golf cart, if they didn’t get them from the factory.

5. Upgraded Seats

The basic seats that come with your cart are perfectly fine for use! But because your cart is like a car, some people spend lots of time in theirs and want to upgrade their cushions, covers, and seat function to maximize their usefulness.

Not only can you make your seats look more fancy by purchasing premium seating units or covers, but you could also change how you use them with fold-down seats that turn into cargo platforms, for example. As you can see, upgraded seats make your golf cart more utilitarian and more beautiful, depending on what you choose.

6. Cargo Boxes

Golf carts that have jobs to do often get decked out in things that make the workload a little lighter. One of these popular parts is the cargo box or cargo bed. This attaches onto the back of the cart. Some can be raised or lowered by a hydraulic lift so they function like dump trucks – very useful in farm and landscaping applications.

But don’t think a cargo box is limited to those uses. A cargo box can be helpful if you regularly use your cart to tote around beach gear, toys to play at the park, or groceries.

Start Customizing!
Turning your golf cart into the perfect tool or entertainment for your lifestyle can become a hobby of sorts. You can start small, or go big – the choice is yours!