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Celebrate a Century of Magic with the Walt Disney 100 Years of Magic Collection

Thanks to its adored characters who have entrenched themselves into the fabric of our culture, The Walt Disney Company has been providing entertainment for both kids and adults for almost a century. The Walt Disney Company today launches the Walt Disney 100 Years of Magic Collection to pay tribute to Walt Disney’s heritage and mark a century of enchantment. This collection, which features the finest examples of Disney storytelling, animation, and artwork, represents a crucial turning point in the growth of one of our most cherished companies.

Walt Disney

The Walt Disney 100 Years of Magic Collection celebrates Walt Disney’s accomplishments by bringing together some of his most well-known characters, movies, and attractions in a singular collection. Fans of all ages may participate in the celebration of a century of Disney enchantment by selecting from a choice of goods. The best Disney100 celebration collection includes something for everyone, from vintage movies to pins and t-shirts to collectible figures.

Iconic Characters Included in The Collection

The Walt Disney 100 Years of Magic collection, which features enduring characters that have entertained generations of kids and adults alike, celebrates a century of Disney’s wonderful accomplishments. Along with well-known characters like Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, Pluto, and Snow White, this special collection also has villains like Captain Hook, Ursula, and Maleficent. It’s a collection that celebrates the heritage of Disney’s narrative and animation, and it’s the ideal way to demonstrate your devotion to these enduring characters.

The 100 Years of Magic Collection also includes limited edition figures and artwork, each featuring classic Disney characters in beautiful illustrations. These figures and works of art make for the perfect addition to any Disney fan’s collection.

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Historical Context of The Collection

The Walt Disney 100 Years of Magic Collection is a celebration of the life and legacy of Walt Disney and his enduring impact on the world of entertainment.  It is a celebration of the magic that Walt Disney has brought to generations of people around the world. 

The collection pays homage to the historical context of Walt Disney’s life and career. It includes iconic original artwork, classic characters, and other items that are representative of the Disney brand over the past hundred years. The items in the collection reflect the different phases of Walt Disney’s life, from his beginnings in the early days of animation to his later success.

Walt Disney

Limited Edition Items for Collectors

The Walt Disney100 Years of Magic Collection is a must-have for any Disney collector. This limited-edition collection celebrates a century of magical moments that have enchanted audiences around the world. From classic films to beloved characters, this collection has it all. Highlights include an individually numbered commemorative pin, a custom frame with a lithograph of Walt Disney, a replica of the original Mickey Mouse, a set of sculpted pins featuring classic Disney characters, and a limited-edition pin set featuring some of Disney’s most iconic films.

Availability of the Collection for Purchase

Each item in the collection is specially crafted to celebrate the memories and stories shared by generations of Disney fans. This collection includes beloved characters, beloved scenes, and nostalgia-inducing collectibles that are perfect for any Disney fan. The collection also includes limited edition items only available in this collection.