Car Gadgets: This Is Why Less Is More

In today’s world of gadgets and gizmos, it’s cool to choose a car that is packed full of goodies. The majority of vehicles today look like a more robust version of the cameracar. Still, you look the business so there is no harm done.

Are you sure?

Okay, you turn heads for all the right in a luxurious and exotic car, but it comes at a cost. Mod cons have their pros, and they have their drawbacks too. Here are the ones you need to consider before getting behind the wheel. The following is why less is more when it comes to vehicles and technology.

Manmade Accidents

Cars have never been safer when they crash, but they’re still not safe. Accidents, fatal and non-fatal, are on the rise and car tech has a lot of questions to answer. Why? It’s because of the distracted driver theory – with more flashing lights and beeping alarms, it’s easy to lose focus. Once you take your eyes off the road to play with the in-car sat nav or climate control system, you run the risk of a collision. Vehicles with fewer distractions are safer to drive, and that’s why you should think before you buy.

Bad Driver Syndrome

Another knock-on effect of using car gadgets is your comfort. After a while, you get used to the sound of the parking sensors and stop looking where you’re going. Of course, it’s okay when you’re in a modern car because the alarms don’t fail often. However, it still means you’re relying on driver aids and not using your common sense. The result: you pick up bad habits. Sadly, too much car tech can turn you into a bad driver, which has lots of consequences. Aside from collisions, there is the cost of repairs to consider. If you keep on backing into vehicles and barriers, it will cost you a fortune.


Let’s not pretend as if money doesn’t play a part in the car-buying process. Everyone would love a Porsche but they’re too expensive, so you opt for an affordable option instead. The issue right now is that cheap makes and models are on the decline due to the rise of tech. Funky gadgets are used by the most cost-effective manufacturers to bump up the price and to charge more for an average vehicle. By opting for fewer mod cons, you can stop yourself from purchasing something you can’t afford.

Cell Phones

Some gadgets are essential and you wouldn’t want to drive without them; however, that doesn’t mean you need them fixed to the interior. For the most part, necessary tech is available as an app on your cell phone – a satellite navigation system springs to mind straight away. By downloading it as an application, you can save a lot of money upfront. You can use choose when to use it when it’s not part of the in-car entertainment system, allowing you to purge yourself of it if you think you’re dependent.

If you want to maintain your standards and avoid accidents, you should accept that less is more.