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We all know the best part of owning a portable Bluetooth speaker is that you can drown out the music coming from your friend’s terrible phone. Also, you and you alone, have musical control. However, it is un-gentlemanly to hoard Bluetooth access, even if it is for the good of the get-together.

“The Rex can reach approximately 90 decibels at max volume, which is equivalent to standing next to a kitchen blender churning away at some frozen fruit.”

If you’re looking for a speaker with more style than a black cylinder or a water-proof plastic mass, the Boombotix Rex is a great low-cost option. It stands out with its hexagonal design and various outer shells, my personal favorite being the wood grain design.

The Rex can reach approximately 90 decibels at max volume, which is equivalent to standing next to a kitchen blender churning away at some frozen fruit. Coming from a speaker that I can clip to my pocket, I am thoroughly impressed with its range and volume.

The AT&T Authorized Retailer I work for, Car-tel Communications, has been selling these speakers for three months now and they have mostly sat on our shelves with little to no sales traffic. After I tested one of our demo models, I was surprised by the lack of sales, but now I think I know why.

The Boombotix Rex looks unassuming, because it was designed to blend in with the aesthetic of a modern home. In a store like AT&T, where technology products are shouting for your attention, the Boombotix Rex fades to the background and sales consequently dip.

Boombotix bluetooth speaker clip


There seems to be an inverse relation between lack of success in the store and product satisfaction in the home, meaning this is the Bluetooth speaker to buy right now.

Lack of in-store sales have driven the price of this speaker to beyond bargain levels. The going price for the Woodgrain speaker is (currently) $15.99 on Amazon, but I am going to purchase the Boombotix Pro+ with the accompanying sub woofer dock for $29.99.

The Pro+ includes a few extra features like 2Gb flash drive, water-proof up to 3ft, and voice control with Siri or Google Voice.

Clip it to your backpack while hiking or sit it on your desk at home, the Boombotix brand is your ultraportable speaker for any occasion.

Boombotix Rex Bluetooth Speaker

Kevin Corelli
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An adventurer obsessed with technology. Recently relocated to Philly from SLC via motorcycle. Now I work marketing for Car-tel Communications by day and play with gadgets, games, and gizmos by night. I believe in the benefits of an integrated life, but still look forward to camping trips out of cell range.

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