Arnette Dropout Sunglasses

To this day I remember the first pair of sunglasses I ever got, a pair of Oakleys in 4th grade while on a family vacation in Las Vegas. While I can’t say with any certainty that I looked good in them or even really liked them I enjoyed the “baller” status on the playground that came with my new Oakleys. After that first pair over a decade would pass before I found another pair I actually felt comfortable in and even more time before I started wearing them regularly. Thankfully, I have now discovered Arnette’s Dropout and much to my pleasure (and my mother’s) I have a solid pair of daily sunglasses.

Let’s talk size because, well, size matters. My style is somewhere between a Paul Shaffer and an Olson twin (reader’s choice as to which). The Dropout shades are the perfect size for my very average face and resemble another very popular brand and style at the moment, a brand I will ban myself from saying.

While having the right size is more of a need than a want the Dropout comes in a variety of different colors covering your desire to want something unique to fit your personality. Furthermore, each frame comes with an extra set of arms in a different color that are easily popped on and off to change the look of your glasses. Arnette has plans to eventually allow you to be able to buy any color arms you want in order to customize your glasses to your unique style, but until then the vast color options are more than sufficient.