Antwerpen Stout and Rye Pale Ale: Guinness Craft Brew Style

The Open Gate Brewery is the experimental brewing arm of Guinness and the specialty brewers there are continually producing some of the best beers that Europe has to offer. All St. James Gate Brewery beer is built around the same closely guarded strain of yeast that all Guinness beer has at its core for over 200 years and these beers are no different. Antwerpen Stout and Guinness Rye Pale Ale are both innovative and individualistic brews yet they each share the easily identifiable beating heart of the original Guinness yeast strain.


Antwerpen Stout was actually first brewed in 1944 and exported solely to Antwerp since the Belgian brewing industry was being decimated by the fighting of World War 2 and Ireland itself was able to enjoy relative peace during such a tumultuous time. This nearly pitch dark stout built a caramel tinged fluffy white head when poured into a Guinness pint glass that is perfectly characteristic of classic Guinness Stout. The nose is characterized by bittersweet chocolate with a hint of roasted malt and a bit of coffee aromas. The palate is dominated by dark roasted malt with notes of the classic Guinness yeast and a bit of raisin and licorice leading a sharp finish. Antwerpen Stout is a complex dark beer that is perfect for the darkening and cooling skies of deep winter. Light a fire, curl up with a loved one, and enjoy the one of the best beers winter has to offer.


The Rye Pale Ale was created by the Brewers at the Open Gate Brewery to celebrate friends and family during the upcoming holiday season and its heritage pairs perfectly with holiday parties and get-togethers. This Rye Pale ale pours a hazy gold when poured into a Guinness pint glass and builds a crystal pure white head that is fully Guinness in nature. The nose is very unassuming with light botanical notes and hints of toasted biscuit. The palette is very rye forward with a bit of a spicy bite balanced by citrus notes provided by a balanced Mosaic and Cascade hop profile. The brew finishes with a hint of peppery spice and a clean pale ale finish. Be sure you pick up Guinness Rye Pale Ale when you are headed to your next holiday party in order to impress your beer loving friends.


Antwerpen Stout and Rye Pale Ale perfectly represent The Open Gate Brewery at St. James Gate; they are creative and singular brews that contain the soul and ethos of the classic Guinness Stout. Treat yourself to something new and check out these amazing beers that have the soul of the legendary Irish brewer, and the exploratory spirit that makes craft brewing great.