A Bit Of Fun In The 2014 Nissan Versa Note

We love hot little cars here at FactoryTwoFour.  I mean we really love them.  From the Volkswagen GTI over the to Fiat 500 Abarth (manual only), and all the way to the Kia Rio, we rarely have anything bad to say about the cars.  Often they are packed full of features you would never expect to see in the lower price points, and have always proven to be a blast to drive.  One constant downside we do see is often the backseat legroom and comfort for 4 adults in general, but for small cars, its often the sacrifice that needs to be made for size and economy.  In return you get cars that are fun to drive and easy to park in even the most congested of areas.  While a few minor issues are common, the general statement and feeling is there.

The 2014 Nissan Versa Note is no exception to that.  It is fun out of the gate, ready to head out on the road and go where needed.  Granted, it’s not going to be the fastest small car out there, and even at times feels a bit under-powered, but it makes up for this is the way it handles the corners and curves, carving them up with enthusiasm not often seen in the segment these days.  This car, this econobox, was like a small spunky child wanting to head outside and play all the time, and even though it wouldn’t be the fastest one on the playground, it has the enthusiasm to be the most fun to be around.

Often with these smaller rides, the idea of heading out for an adventure with friends seems a bit far fetched.  The storage space is always a bit confined, and the backseats are never comfortable for any grown adult with legs.  While the front seat passengers are always taken care of, the back seat often comes as an afterthought or emphasis on the modern family for kids.  And this is where the Versa note stands out the most, but the backseat stereotype may have been broken.  Right off the line, I will say that I have never seen space and legroom in a small car like I did in the Versa Note.  And by this I mean that I was able to sit in the back seat comfortably with more legroom then I see in larger sedans and SUVs.  And that is with my seat all the way back.  And while the storage space in the rear does get compromised a little bit, Nissan has offset that with a slew of other storage solutions throughout the whole car, showing a well thought out idea.

Simply put, the Versa Note has proven that not only can small cars be fun, but actually comfortable.  The car feels to be an anomaly, standing out from the rest in this neat little package that is deceiving in every way.  The car is not necessarily pretty to look at, and the only time the heads really turn is when it pulls up to a light with 4 grown adults in it comfortably or when it flies around the corners.  It’s no track day car, but it is a car that can be used for more than commuting.  With a nice roof rack, bikes can pop on the top with ease and gear in the back, ready to hit the hills, or even a kayak.  It has that go-go attitude needed for the active person, someone needing to get around town with ease while also saving some money in the long run.

It’s not a perfect small car by any means, but the 2014 Nissan Versa Note has set the standard pretty high for the other small econo-box rides out there.