6 Ways to Immediately Make Your Outfits More Interesting

If you want to ensure that people always notice what you are wearing, and in the best possible way, there are actually a lot of very simple, very effective things you can do to immediately make your outfits more interesting. Let’s take a look at a few of them right now.

1. Clash

One of the most fun ways to make your outfits instantly more interesting is to simply choose two garments that clash, either in terms of color or patterns, and put them together. If you do this right, you will end up with an outfit that draws the eye, and somehow works although it has no right to. For example, you could clash a leopard print skirt with a botanical print blouse or green trousers with a bright pink blouse. Exp[eriment and see what works for you.

2. Wear a hat

This may sound too basic, but you really don’t see many women wearing hats these days, so if you can invest in an attractive hat that fits you well and goes with lots of things in your wardrobe – there are some great ones at the Paisley Grace Boutique – then simply perching it on your head will make your outfit more interesting in an instant. The same goes for bold print scarves too.

3. Change the proportions

The rules of fashion are there to be played with, and changing the proportions of your outfit is often one of the best ways to make it more interesting, For example, you could pair a long maxi skirt with a longline weather instead of a shorter one, or you could wear an oversized boyfriend blazer with denim shorts, and the unusual proportions would certainly make your outfit more unique than the average person’s.

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4. Add a pop of pattern

If your outfit is quite plain, think a little black dress or a gray touser suit, then adding a pop of colorful pattern in the form of a botanical print handbag or striped pink and blue heels, for example, will make it look like you have a designer’s eye and have put together an outfit that is infinitely more interesting than it would be considered if you accessories with plain black or brown items.

5. Statement sunnies

Sunglasses are great at instantly making any outfit more noticeable because they make a person look sophisticated and somehow cooler than they otherwise might. If you opt for oversized mirrored sunnies or cat eye shades, or any sunglasses that are a bit more interesting than the norm, for that matter, your outfit will definitely catch more eyes.

6. Wear something made for men

If you are a woman, then wearing a men’s crisp white shirt or brogues made for a boy will give your outfit more edge because of the unexpected element you have tossed in.

Most of us have one or two things in our wardrobe that we can use to instantly elevate any outfit, so as you can see, ensuring our outfits are more interesting is not all that difficult. Have fun trying these ideas out.