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7 Tips for Getting the Most from your Tablet

Tablet is quite a hefty gadget to have. Now, as with any electronic device out there, it is vital that you know how to maintain it properly in order to get the most out of it. Some things are common sense, but there are some tips that might surprise you. In this article, you will find seven tips that are going to help you enjoy your tablet as much as possible. 

  1. Avoid Full Charging Cycles

One of the most common mistakes that people make when it comes to their tablets is to leave them charging over the entire night. There are several reasons why this is problematic. The biggest one is the fact that continuous charging of an already full battery can damage the battery. The reason why is the fact that the metallic lithium starts plating – this further results in reduced stability. Not only may this lead to your battery getting to 0% faster, but it can also cause serious malfunctions and reboots.  

So, the best way to go is to charge your phone partially. It’s even better for your tablet if you didn’t charge your battery up to 100%. So, the key takeaways here are not to charge your tablet overnight, as well as to avoid charging it up to 100% in general.

  1. Don’t Force Using Broken Chargers

Nothing is more frustrating than leaving your tablet to charge and returning to it to find that it didn’t charge at all. If you happen to have a broken charger, the probability is high that it will take a huge amount of enjoyment away from using your tablet. Not only that, but it can even damage your battery. 

So, the best way to tackle the ever-present issue of chargers malfunctioning and braking is to find an alternative. Magnetic chargers are a great solution to these issuers. There are various models with different charging speeds and magnet strengths. This article does a great job at presenting how different charging settings affect your user experience. All in all – it’s not that hard to explain how much these gadgets make charging easier. Basically, you can say goodbye to a charger needing a certain angle. No more struggling to connect your tablet at night as well!

  1. Cancel out Blue Light

Many people don’t even realize just how much blue light strains their eyes until they have tried to use their gadgets with reduced blue light. It is especially important that you opt for reducing blue light if you tend to use your tablet late at night. The reason for this is the fact that there is evidence that blue light interferes with your circadian rhythm, which basically means that blue light disrupts your sleep quality. As you know, sleep is vital for many bodily functions as well as your mental health, so – don’t compromise it!

There are plenty of apps that allow you to reduce blue light. In most tablets, there even is a built-in option to do so.

  1. Clean Your Storage Regularly

Many people tend to overlook storage cleaning until the very last moment when their tablet reminds them to do so. It’s very important for you to do so more regularly, as your storage impacts your tablet more than you might think. Not having enough memory may lead to many things. Your tablet is going to get slower, and overall performance will suffer. It will heat up more, and this is going to impact the battery negatively. 

So, make sure that you clean up your storage at least once a week. A little goes a long way here – avoiding cleaning your storage can only last so long.

  1. Limit the Background Apps

Apps that run in the background can seriously increase lag as they overwork your tablet. This can be extremely frustrating as it may seem like no matter what you do, apps like messenger continue to run in the background. Well, you are right, but there is a way to tackle that issue. 

What you want to do is to tap Serial Number in Device Options seven times. This allows you to access developer options. With developer options, you will be able to limit background processes by accessing device options. The thing with developer options is that they can potentially cause apps to misbehave. So, if that happens – just go back to standard settings. 

  1. Install an Antivirus Software!

Lastly, it is important that you make sure that you’re safe from malware. There are plenty of reliable antivirus apps out there, and downloading them can really help you a lot in the long run. Even though getting a virus on your tablet isn’t extremely common as it might seem sometimes, it can definitely happen. It’s better not to risk it though, especially considering that a lot of these antivirus apps are free!

In the end, none of these tips are going to take a lot of time, effort, or resources from you. On the other hand, ensuring that you incorporate these tips into your daily routine could really boost your user experience!