The Pros and Cons of Buying a Used Electric Car

If you’re thinking of updating your set of wheels you are probably pondering over lots of different considerations, particularly running costs and fuel efficiency, one thing you may not have considered is choosing an electric vehicle as your next car. In recent years, the number of electric cars that you see on the roads has been on the increase, and more and more people are choosing an electric car as their means of transport.

Up until recently, electric vehicles were only available from a few of the big name manufacturers, but now all that has changed with more and more car makers jumping on board the (rechargeable) bandwagon. Manufacturers of luxury vehicles are also making their presence felt in the market with the likes of BMW, Jaguar and Audi producing electric models too, offering the dual appeal of owning a prestige vehicle coupled with being kinder to the environment.

As electric vehicles have now been around for several years, used electric cars are becoming more readily available. Here are some of the pros and cons of buying a used electric vehicle:


Low Maintenance

Not having an internal combustion engine means that there are fewer parts to go wrong on an electric car, which could see you saving some money when it comes to maintaining and servicing your vehicle.

Better for the Environment

As more and more people begin to take measures to reduce their carbon footprint and help to make the world that bit greener to protect the planet, electric cars become a more appealing mode of transport.

Cheaper to Buy

The cost of buying a new electric car is one of the reasons that many people are put off of getting one. The great thing about buying a used electric vehicle is that it frees up some spare cash to get your car just how you want. Whether it’s tesla window tinting or some shiny new alloys, paying less for the car should help you to have some extra cash for putting your stamp on it.


May Be Hard to Resell

When it comes to selling your used electric car on, you may find it harder to sell than you would a standard car. Electric vehicles can still be seen as a bit niche, and a lack of knowledge may put people off purchasing it.

Charging may be an Issue

Unlike cars that run on gas, there are a few more things to keep in mind when purchasing an electric vehicle – namely, where and when are you going to charge it up. This is a particular concern if you are travelling a long distance and won’t have the time to spare to wait while your car charges.

Repairs may be a Problem

Getting your electric car repaired isn’t always simple, while there is, in theory, less that could go wrong with them, you may struggle to find a mechanic that has the skills to repair your car, as only a small proportion of mechanics can help.