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7 Tips for Eating Healthy Meals on a Budget

Eating healthy can be challenging if your budget isn’t big enough to accommodate all the needs. This is why many people who have money issues tend to eat cheap and overly processed fried foods: they’re easier to get, plus they’re also filling to a degree. But what if you want to change your diet for the better, while on a budget? Sure, it’s easy to be a pessimist and give up, but so it is also important to try. Therefore, here are some tips for eating healthy foods and planning meals that will fit everyone.

1. Plan your meals in advance

Planning your meals can seem unusual, mainly if you’re not used to it. However, it can also help you turn over a new leaf because once you know your future meals, you’ll also be able to buy groceries properly. Meal planning is important if you have school-aged kids, but even if you don’t, it’s still a helpful habit that can seriously turn your life around. 

2. Get the right groceries 

So planning meals in advance can be of great help, but you don’t need to do that all the time in order to live a healthy lifestyle. But, you should still invest effort and get the right groceries: rice, healthy pasta, beans, potatoes, and frozen vegetables are all healthy options as then you can prepare meals quickly without stress. Sure, buying fresh vegetables and fruits is a much better option, but in that case, you should use them quite soon, so they won’t go bad. Also, try being a smart shopper: making shopping lists, buying what’s on sale, and using discounts like these Sam’s Club coupons are all amazing ways to save money and get all the important foods. 

3. Research what’s best for you 

A healthy diet should consist of proteins, vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats. The easiest way to eat a lot of nutrients is to consume lean meat, such as chicken and beef. But, before you go and treat yourself with a big portion, ask yourself, are wings bad for you? If you feel bad after eating certain meats, try to slow down with the spices and unhealthy sauces first. Therefore, not all meats are equally healthy, and that goes for other food types as well. Doing your research can be of huge help, especially if you’re starting out your healthy journey. 

4. Avoid overly complicated recipes 

Sometimes, the recipe will come to your attention, which will look delicious and possibly easy to prepare. But, beware of such recipes, especially if you’re on a budget. A lot of such recipes contain ingredients that may be expensive or hard to get, so rather than focusing on them, it’s better to make something else that will be equally delicious, but also simple to make. Complicated recipes are best for those who are experienced in the kitchen department, plus they have enough budget to spend on more expensive ingredients. 

5. Plan to use leftovers 

Leftovers can be a big issue, mainly if you’re also worried about food waste. Food waste is a big culprit behind pollution, so it’s important to use them the best way you can. Chicken breast is easy to reuse, together with the majority of other meats. Reheating the old meals, and finding creative ways to use leftovers, will help you save money, plus you won’t have that much food waste in the household.

6. Freeze some foods or meals 

Freezing certain foods is considered normal, but what about others? After all, freezing leftover foods can be of great help if you’re busy with planning and preparing meals every day. Pasta sauce is one of the most convenient foods that you can freeze because then you can reuse it anytime. You just need to cook some pasta, and possibly grate cheese or prepare the salad. Treating your meals this way is a great convenience which is why you should start doing it. 

7. Make seasonal recipes

As we’ve mentioned already, complicated recipes might seem exotic, but they’re not the best option if you’re not well-versed in food making. Seasonal recipes are a much better alternative, especially since vegetables and fruits tend to be cheaper when they’re in season! That means you can make a wide variety of meals and healthy desserts, using ingredients that are fresh, affordable, and easy to find in most grocery stores. 


These tips are important if you want to learn to prepare healthy meals on a budget. Keep in mind that smart shopping, meal planning, and doing research will help you a lot, as you’ll learn how to eat and cook properly, without spending too much. Meaning, you’ll eat delicious food on a budget, and still be able to feel strong, healthy, and energized.