Car Leasing

Your Guidebook To Car Leasing

Car leasing is more popular than ever. It’s very easy to understand why. The cost is fixed so there are no bad surprises. You get a new car every single year or less. How about that!? Driving a brand new model before the rich and famous have been delivered their own! For car brands, they are attracting customers that would never think of driving their models. But what do you do as a customer when trying to lease a car? You need to be a smooth talker, and know what kinds of deals someone in your position could be afforded. This is our guide on what to do and what to say to get what you want.

Timing is everything

The type of deal you get for your car, depends on the timing. It does so, in two ways. One of them is leasing a car when the economy is in a little bit of a state. Hey presto, it seems like now is the right time i.e. during a pandemic-induced market slump. The other is, the length of time you will be leasing the car. You can be guided by your credit score bracket, or you can be guided by your savings bracket. This is up to you, as to what you bring up during the negotiation. The default measurement stick is the credit score, but you can persuade a car leasing company, by using your savings as the benchmark instead. 

Find a good brand

Finding the right car brand is just as important as finding the right kind of car leasing brand. You can lease a car with a brand that has always leased cars or one that supplements it into their business plan during hard times. Go with a professional leasing company, as they will have the best plans which are financially viable and give flexibility to the customer. It’s always a good idea to question their 1-year and 6-month leasing programs as these are the main plans they will be offering. Rewards for good behavior are also viable. If you drive well, don’t damage the car and don’t exceed your mileage limit per month, then you should be allowed to go up the ladder in the quality of vehicle you next lease.


Your talent

Very few times in life, should you ever brag your way to success. But when you are leasing a car, it is the right time. You should exclaim how well your driving record looks. If you have no points on your license, have never claimed insurance on an accident and have taken advanced driving classes, then say so! Remember that when you go to lease a car you are trying to convince another human being, not a computer. So turn on the old charm and take a shot at being given the chance to drive a Porsche!

Leasing a car is very attractive for many reasons. One of them being that you can drive a new car every year. But to get to that holy grail, you need to be smooth, fight your corner and time your contract right.