How Far in Advance Should You Plan an Overseas Trip?

Planning a trip overseas requires a lot of preparation. You will need to arrange and organize many things to ensure that your trips go as fluidly and seamlessly as possible. If you do not make adequate preparations, your trip can fail miserably, and you can find yourself having to cancel, or just having a terrible vacation. Preparation is very important, and you must prepare wisely. With everything that must be arranged, you should plan somewhat in advance.

This page will seek to tell you the many things you must take into consideration when planning an overseas trip, and how far in advance you should make arrangements.

Here is how far you should plan an overseas trip in advance, and what you must arrange.


You should always book your flights first. If booked in advance, your flights can be much cheaper, and you can make huge savings. If you wait until the week you are intending on going on holiday, you can end up being charged huge sums of money, and that can put a real dampener on your vacation. By booking your flights a few months in advance, you save money and can rest knowing that your vacation is all booked and ready to go. Booking flights in advance is definitely necessary, and you should book it as early as you potentially can to ensure everything goes appropriately.


The most important part of any trip is the accommodation you will be staying in. If you fail to arrange accommodation, you may be unable to travel or pay extremely high fees to find somewhere to stay. If you are traveling alone, you can always stay in a hostel, but they are not the nicest of places. However, if you are traveling with your family, you absolutely must make adequate preparations in advance to ensure your holiday does not sink miserably.

The accommodation should always be booked a few weeks, or months, in advance. It gives both you and the hotel the availability to cancel closer to the time by booking so far in advance. If you leave it until the last moment, you may find, unfortunately, that the hotel may already be booked out, or worst case, they may cancel on you at the last moment. Arrange your accommodation at least a month or so in advance, earlier if possible.


If you are planning on doing activities on your holiday, you should book them sooner rather than later. If you have your accommodation and your flights arranged already, then booking activities is the next step. For example, a tour should be booked as soon as possible, as they are often fully booked out if you wait until the last moment. This holiday advisor for South America can provide you with numerous activities that will fulfill your days of adventure. No holiday is truly complete without engaging and memorable experiences, so be sure to load your vacation up with as many activities as you can!

Pet Arrangements

Many of us have pets, and for those who intend to go on last-minute excursions, pets can become very problematic. You should ensure proper preparation for your pets, as they are an extension of your family, and cannot be entrusted to just anyone. You should make adequate arrangements to ensure they are comfortable and safe in your absence. You can have them spend your vacation period in a cattery for a low cost or have a relative visit and feed and water them daily. Making proper arrangements for your pets is essential.

Time Off of Work

You must also book time off of work in advance. Often, this is the most problematic thing, and many people have to work their vacation around the time that they are off of work. Unfortunately, you cannot just take time off of work, and rather you are expected to have your vacation according to when your employer deems it fit for you to take one. In some instances, however, your employer may allow you to decide when you take your vacation time, in which case you should book it off when you expect you will want to vacation.

A House Sitter

A house sitter does not need to be booked too far in advance and can wait until a few weeks before you intend to go. Whether family or private, there are many people who can look after your home for you if necessary.

Now you know a few things you will have to prepare in advance of your holiday, and how long roughly you should arrange them. Going on vacation should be fun and should not be filled with worries and concerns about improper arrangements.