Eat Organic Meat While On A Budget – Here’s How

Everyone knows that the moment something is labeled as organic, its price immediately skyrockets like never before. This can be true in some cases, especially for fresh produce and meat since farmers have to take extra care of the animals and plants. They do not add any types of hormones or chemicals that could affect growth or genetically mutate any of their end products. This can turn off many people who are trying to live on a budget because they believe they will not be able to afford such organic products because of their hefty price tags. This does not have to be the case though, because if done correctly, you can find different meat products that are organic and still fit your budget. Lucky for you, here is all you need to know about how to do just that.

Before going into how you and your family can be eating organic meat while not breaking the bank, you need to understand the importance of choosing and consuming organic food over other inorganic food. As mentioned above, organic farming or organic foods are made without adding any chemicals that could affect them negatively. But there is also the added benefit that organic food is actually better for the environment. These farming practices reduce pollution exponentially, as well as limit different natural issues such as soil erosion and soil fertility without resorting to materials that could be harmful to any living thing, not only including the cattle, but any other animals around or even humans living near said farm. All of these reasons, plus the fact that there are no hormones used on the cattle or plants, are why more people are deciding to go for organic food rather than food that has a hand in ruining the environment and harming people.

1. Have Your Own Direct Meat Source

This is going to sound weird, but more people have decided to go with this route to guarantee one hundred percent that the meat they are going to eat is totally organic. If you have a particularly large yard, or generally have the space for it, you can get yourself your very own source of meat. Of course, if your space is not that big, you can go from having chicken around, or other smaller sources of meat than say a cow. If you do have the room for more animals, then you can get a lamb or calf to ensure that they grow on completely organic feed.

2. Ask Around at Local Farms

If you do not have the capabilities to raise your own source of meat, which admittedly can be hard to do, especially if you live in a city, you can start researching local farms that raise cattle. You can even try finding such information online instead of going to each farm and asking around there. Local products are generally cheaper than ones imported from different cities or international countries altogether. You can also try to get discounts and even shop at these farms for other products such as milk, cheese, fruits, and vegetables. This is not only going to guarantee that you are eating totally organic, but it will also ensure that you are helping your local community by increasing the income of farms around you.

3. Find a Butcher You Trust

If you can’t find a local farm around you that has meat products, maybe because you live in a city, then you can do some research for butchers around you that sell organic meat. Usually, if you live in a city, you will find many butchers around you, but unfortunately, not all of them will be selling organic meat. Furthermore, not all of them will be affordable. This should not discourage you however, because, with the proper research, you will find a butcher that is both within your budget and selling organic produce.

4. Find a Pre-packaged Brand You Trust

You do not have to worry if you cannot find a butcher that you can trust to sell certified organic meat. This is because you can get organic meat that is pre-packaged and way more affordable than meat gotten from a butcher. It is also going to be less of a hassle than raising animals that you will have to take to the slaughterhouse and deal with the mess of butchering an animal to get the meat you want. Organic food enthusiasts at stating that you do not have to sacrifice the convenience of getting pre-packaged and prepared meat from your supermarket to ensure that it is organic. You can find organic certified pre-packaged meat cuts in most, if not all supermarkets and organic stores. Additional points if you can support small local businesses at the same time!

5. Get Cheaper Cuts of Meat

If you can only find organic meat sold by butchers that are not the most affordable, you do not have to fret. You can just try finding different cuts of meat that are more affordable than others. This of course is going to differ from one place to the other and depending on what type of meat you want. For example, if you want to get poultry that is organic, then you can get chicken thighs rather than breasts to ensure that it fits within your budget. Getting a cheaper cut of meat does not mean that your food is going to be less flavorful, especially if you prepare it the right way. This is applicable to all types of meat, since in different animals, there are different meat cuts that are more prized than others, and thus more expensive.

Using these five different methods is going to ensure that your budget is still intact and that you and your family are eating organic meat. The most important thing is not to lose hope and to know that there is always a way for you to get organic food if you try to look hard enough and do the research needed. Remember that even if you are going to get a cheaper cut of meat, you can still create amazing and delicious food.