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5 Songs to Listen To Right Now

You’re week is almost over and you’re mentally gearing up for the weekend. But before you head into your Saturday bacchanalia, you’ve got to be in the right headspace. And that is why we are here. Here’s this week’s five songs to put a smile in your face hole and bounce in your trot.

Sounding like a breakfast tea-party between the Black Keys and the Shins, Bahamas is the perfect zone out tune smith to let you forget your worries and stresses. All the Time is their latest single, and it is getting heavy rotation on indie stations around the country:

Next up we have The Rosebuds, stepping it up a notch over their previous albums. With the help of Justin Vernon of Bon Iver fame, The Rosebuds are bringing the noise that drives and pulses. This album is already 8 months old but is just now getting picked up and shared around. And deservedly so.

If Elliott Smith had received 4 and half more hugs during his formative years, you’d likely be left with something sounding similar to Any Shauf. His harmonic melodies and skeletal arrangements bring an intimacy to his music and keep you glued to your headphones. Sing on you sad bastard.

For the southern rockers out there, this one is for you. Alabama Shakes are back with a little dirt under their fingernails and it is better than ever. They must have spent their time between albums doing nothing but listening to James Brown and eating okra. This is the realness.

I’ll just let this YouTube comment sum up our last entry in today’s list – “Good n heavy. You can stay in this piece of shit prison planet, being lied to by a bunch of sissies, but as for me, im following Jesus. Its personal. And it sounds like youre just another slave to the dragon. Good luck with that. C-ya on the flip side sillies”