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Become The Host With The Most By Leveling Up Your Drinks Game

The pandemic has made us see life in a different light. Quite frankly, meeting up with friends and family for garden BBQs or parties is more appealing than ever. It’s cheaper, more convenient, and removes the need for social distancing concerns. If you are going to host loved ones, though, you need to add the wow factor. Drinks are the key to success.

Whether you enjoy cocktails, beers, wines, or spirits, they are a central feature of a night out. So, if staying in is the new going out, you should focus heavily on upgrading your drink’s game. Here’s how to do it in style.

Educate Yourself On Winning Drinks Combos

You’re not a teenager anymore. The days of sinking whatever cheap booze you can get your hands on are long gone. Following experts like Justin Biske can significantly improve your repertoire. From learning about different tipples to knowing what trends are currently making big news, this info will put you in a powerful position.

Learning about different drinks from around the globe can be supported by joining a subscription service. Receiving weird and wonderful drinks can become a real talking point. Meanwhile, reading guides on what drinks to match with certain foods can transform your future dinner parties for the better.

Start Infusing Your Own Cocktails

Creating cocktails that look great and taste even better can be a challenge. Furthermore, the costs soon add up when your purchases are limited to bars and restaurants. You can buy your own cocktail infusions, though, and take things to a whole new level. Infusions and bitters are those extra touches that can transform a boring drink into something special.

When added to your own cocktails, they enhance the flavors and aromas of your drinks by giving them a unique twist. Moreover, infusing your own cocktails also gives you complete control over what goes into them. As such, it’s far easier to cater to different people’s tastes by making customized cocktails. Whether it’s a spicy kick, a fruity punch, or an exotic twist, there are endless options to explore.

Brew Your Own

Creating new cocktails or mastering classics will go down a treat. However, to truly stand out from the crowd, why not make your own. Homebrewing has become far more accessible thanks to advanced small batch brewing tech. Whether you use a kit or start from scratch, the self-satisfaction is amazing. Besides, the tastes are extra fresh.

Naming your homebrew after yourself or guests will add an extra ingredient of excitement. You could quickly mock up some bottle labels on PhotoShop too. You don’t need plans of selling the drinks to take your parties to another level. Meanwhile, alcohol-free beers or mocktails can keep non-drinking guests involved.

Build A Home Bar

If your intentions are to host friends on a regular basis, you need a winning setting for those events. Now more than ever, the benefits of transforming the garage or summer house into a home bar are greater than ever. Setting up a projector screen, comfy seats, and overhead cover will bring the relaxed vibes you crave. And not only when you have people over.

The home bar is likely to become your favorite part of the home. So, why not combine it with your other passions. Get the ping pong table, use the sports-themed beer towels, and hang up music memorabilia. There is no question that these items will increase your happiness while boosting the vibe when hosting friends.

Invest In Drinking Accessories

The great thing about a home gathering is that you can combine the best of a commercial bar with casual fun. Head Rush beer bongs are a great example for when it’s party season. Meanwhile, whisky cubes and specialized tumblers can work wonders. Once again, the small investments often make the biggest impact.

In addition to drinking accessories, you can look at BBQ grill accessories and fun garden games. Whether enjoying the home drinking space with friends or enjoying a relaxed Sunday afternoon with your family doesn’t matter. You will find that creating magical memories with the most valuable people in your life becomes far easier.