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6 Ways To Improve Your Car’s Performance

You have had dreams of owning a car for some time. Done your research, and got the appropriate financing. You finally have the automobile you have always dreamt of having. However, your focus quickly shifts from looks to performance. While most people love a good-looking car, nothing is more important than performance. Think about the traction of the vehicle, handling, fuel efficiency, and acceleration. If you want to improve your car’s performance without having to change your car, here are a few basic tips.

Add Air Suspension

This is one of the most popular performance upgrades. Replace the conventional metal springs of your car with air suspension. Modern advancements in technology require the use of air cylinders to absorb vibrations from your wheels. The compressed air promotes a smoother driving experience.

These springs go between the wheel and the body of your car. They do not only improve performance but also make the car occupants more comfortable.

Get a Differential

Differentials will help distribute power and give you better control over your wheels. They work by moving power from your engine and splitting it. As a result, the outside and inside wheels can spin at various speeds. By driving both wheels, you can prevent the slip of inner wheels especially when you exit a turn. It sends power to the pavement hence promoting an efficient drive. 

With a differential, torque is evenly distributed to both wheels. It allows them to react and offer traction or react to resistance. The wheel with the higher resistance rotates less and that with less resistance rotates faster. A limited slip differential is the best option because of its versatility. Most high-performance cars have it.

Upgrade Your Exhaust System

Upgrading your exhaust system is one of the most important modifications you can make to improve the performance of your car. By doing away with the restrictive stock pipes that are used in most cars, the performance of your car will improve significantly. Replace the pipes with more powerful options for higher horsepower, improved fuel economy, and improved torque.

There are lots of exhaust system options in the market so finding replacement options is not difficult. The right ones will improve your car instantly.

Get a High Flow Fuel Injector

Consider using a high-flow fuel injector to improve the horsepower and torque of your vehicle. The injectors maximize atomization and fuel delivery. They, therefore, improve the general performance of your car. With this simple upgrade, your vehicle will be getting all the fuel it needs. As a result, it will be smoother and its performance will be more powerful. A high-flow fuel injector works great no matter what car you have.

Remap Your Car

Remapping your car is one of the most effective ways to improve its performance and power. You can install a tuning box/chip or get it remapped. Both of the methods are effective, but they aren’t the same.

When remapping your car, you have to connect its ECU to a computer through a diagnostic socket. It will change the values of your car to favor performance. You also get to change the ignition timings, boost fuel ratios, and improve pressure.  You don’t need to add any extra parts to your car, and it will be more efficient. You can customize the map of your car to suit your preference.

Install an Air Filter

Installing an air filter can improve the general performance and horsepower of your car. Air filters promote the free flow of air and can have a significant impact on your car’s performance.

When installing an air filter, you must first open the hood of your car. Remove the air filter housing and be careful when unscrewing the risk. Ensure that contaminants do not get into your filter housing. When you are done, remove the old air filter and insert the new one.   

Note that oil from your air filter can affect the mass airflow. Follow the right steps to ensure that everything goes according to plan. When unsure of how to install an air filter correctly, consider getting the help of a mechanic.  

You are likely to end up with a car that runs smoothly especially if you do some research before completing your purchase. However, there are instances where your car may need a boost. If you plan on improving the performance of your vehicle, you have lots of options. Whether you are trying to improve a new car or invest in an old one, consider applying a few of the aforementioned tips.