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4 Things You Should Know About Golf Simulators

Almost every sport is affected by pandemic restrictions right now and that means even golf is too. Some prefer to stay off of the golf course to avoid contracting the virus. In other cases, they have nowhere to play currently as most golf courses are either running on limited operations or have closed temporarily.

The good news is that there are ways in which you can still practice your swing. We are, of course, referring to golf simulators. You might have heard about this latest trend in golf technology which is currently helping many people worldwide, golf as safely as possible.

Here are four key things you need to know about golf simulators.

How Does A Golf Simulator Work?

It’s not exactly golf but golf simulators try to simulate an authentic golfing experience often right at the comfort of your home. You’re still swinging your club but this time, you are aiming for a virtual ball inside a virtual course. How does it work?

You play a golf simulator by standing on a platform called the swing pad. These special platforms often have fake grass and even a tee to make the experience more authentic.  In front of a swing pad is a projection of a golf course which you’ll be using as a guide.

Golf simulators are complemented by a computer and a series of sensors that intend to calculate and track your every movement. As you swing, the entire contraption tries to simulate what would happen if you made that swing on an actual golf course.

The software can be adjusted to simulate weather conditions, various terrain, and other factors that affect your swing.

What Do You Need For A Golf Simulator

The entire rig is made up of several pieces of equipment. The base equipment is, of course, the golf club which you’ll actually use. You most likely have a golf club already, so you shouldn’t worry too much about it.

The most important part of the rig is the golf simulation system itself. This includes the sensors, projectors, and the swing pad which you’ll all have to set up in an empty room. What’s good is that these golf simulators come in packages, so you don’t have to buy pieces individually.

There are many golf simulation equipment to choose from, and it’s often best to ask specialists for help when you’re buying your first rig. This review of OptiShot 2 says that the rig is currently one of the top options on the market. Aside from the sensors, the OptiShot also comes with software that makes the entire process work smoothly.

You also need to have space for a golf simulator. The area doesn’t have to be extremely wide, but it does need to be empty. Obstructions such as fixtures and furniture could make the sensors less accurate, thus affecting your overall performance.

How Accurate Is It?

Let’s get it out of the way first – there is always a small margin of error when it comes to golf simulators. While the software does consider various factors such as the type of club you use and wind speed, it can’t completely simulate how playing golf feels like, but it does come close.

Despite being an imperfect version of golf, many experts suggest using golf simulators if you want to practice your swing in a safe area. Some also recommend using these simulators as a means to test your new clubs and equipment. If you really have no means to access a golf course or a training range, then your best option is installing a golf simulator at home.

Do The Pros Use It?

This is probably one question that’s been bugging you. The answer is yes, even professionals like Tiger Woods and Jordan Spieth use golf simulators. It’s definitely more convenient than going to the golf course every day. As the technology improves with each iteration from developers, the experience becomes even more authentic.

You can use golf simulators whether you’re just a hobbyist or you’re choosing to take up golfing professionally. It can help you practice your swing inside your home. The rig may be expensive, but it is a great investment if you are really into golf.

Golf simulators are only improving with each version that manufacturers and developers create. While the technology used to be problematic before, it’s worth noting that the simulation process is now more accurate than ever. Hopefully, this guide helps you understand whether investing in a golf simulator is right or not.