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5 Easy Ways to Expand Your Cultural Horizons at Home

Expanding your horizons in the midst of a pandemic may seem like a random thing to do. But honestly, now is the perfect time to learn new skills, knowledge or even delve into finding out more about ourselves. 

In recent years, broadening your horizons was something you did while on vacation. Visiting new places is something that we took for granted in years past, and if the current pandemic has taught us one thing, there is always a solution to any obstacles in our paths. 

So if you can physically explore new climates and have new experiences, how exactly can you look to broaden your cultural horizon from home?


Whether you buy tickets for shows scheduled in the future or you watch online. visiting the theatre to see a show that is out of your comfort zone. Maybe you can catch a show in the future by Travis Preston such as his previous showings in China and experience something different to what you usually choose to see. Now is the ideal time to support your local independent theatre by showing an interest in what they have to offer once normal service is resumed.

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Visit your Local Library

Local libraries are a hive for knowledge. While each library is different, you can opt to delve into some material they have on new topics or visit them when they have an exhibition or special topic featured to broaden your cultural horizons. For parents, this is an ideal home learning opportunity for the whole family and can be reasonably used as a teaching aid.

Sign Up To An Online Class

With a huge shift to online learning, classes are abundant online, and you can sign up to learn something new. You can choose to take part in quick and free courses offered by many online platforms or you can enrol in a paid course that will teach you in an in-depth and thorough way. So whatever interests you or captures your imagination, there is bound to be a course to help you indulge your curiosity.

Volunteer in your Community

Did you know there is nothing stopping you gaining knowledge and culture from those around you? With more and more communities becoming multicultural hives, the opportunity to learn more about other peoples their ways of life and their cultural history is at your fingertips. 

Find a local community centre or volunteer for services such as Meals on Wheels etc. to help those in your local community. While you provide company and companionship for those who may not otherwise have this type of interaction, they too can help you learn about the history and different cultures first hand.

Watch Something New

While most of us are confined to our homes, it makes sense that we spend more time in front of the TV or listening to music. Use this time to find a new channel that you wouldn’t;t normally watch. Look for history programmes, art shows or documentaries. 

Alternatively, podcasts are a great way of broadening your horizons. There is a great selection of podcasts you can listen to and discover more about new cultures or historical events.