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4 Things You Didn’t Know About Truck Drivers

If you’re passionate about cars and love driving, you may think about a career in truck driving. There are lots of different jobs available, mainly centred around deliveries. The most obvious job of all is a truck driver – someone who drives up and down the country delivery truckloads of goods to consumers. 

It’s a tough job, but there’s a lot about a trucker’s life you probably don’t know about. If you’re considering this career, here are a few things you didn’t know about being a truck driver:

You’re not allowed to drive more than 11 hours in one shift

There’s a common idea that truckers will drive for 24 hours straight. This isn’t true as there are laws in place that limit the amount of time a trucker can drive in one shift. It currently sits at 11 hours, after which they need at least 10 hours rest before driving again. Of course, an 11-hour shift is still absolutely massive, especially when you spend it all behind the wheel of a truck. But, it’s interesting to know that truckers do have a cap on how long they can work for. 

You have lots of cool gadgets in the cab

It’s easy to assume that life inside a truck cab is no different from life in a car. Surely all you have is a steering wheel, radio, and the dashboard? Well, not necessarily! In some cabs, you will also have a few extra gadgets designed for your comfort. For example, many truckers have a microwave oven with them. This is due to the long hours, meaning you never know where you’ll be at the end of a shift. If you’re hungry, and there are no restaurants open, you need your own food. So, you can bring some along, pop it in the microwave, and it’s all sorted! Truckers are also able to have some relaxation time too. With the help of wifi for truckers they’re able to stream their favorite movie, play online games, contact their family, or do whatever they desire.

You get paid per mile

Funnily enough, truck drivers get paid depending on how far they’re driven every day. This can be both advantageous and annoying. If there’s no traffic, you can drive a very long way during your shift. This means you can earn more money per mile than you would with an hourly rate. Remember, shifts are capped at 11 hours, so that’s the maximum amount of hours you’d get paid for at one time. However, if traffic is terrible, you could make slow progress and get paid very little for all the time you spent behind the wheel. 

You become a better driver

Truckers are generally better drivers than ordinary people. Sitting behind the wheel of a truck forces you to drive in a particular way. You become more cautious and more aware of your surroundings. Think about it this way, if you can park a truck, it’s so much easier to park a car!

Truck driving is definitely an underrated and under-appreciated career. If you love automobiles and want a job that involves driving, this might be an excellent option for you. Hopefully, you’ve learned some new facts about truckers that you didn’t know before.