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4 Places in Kent You Need to Visit at Least Once 

There are few places in the UK as prestigious as Kent. Kent is the oldest county in all of England, which makes it one of the best places to discover the nation’s past with many Cathedrals, historic houses, and rich maritime history. On top of this, Kent boasts some of the finest countrysides in the UK along with a dramatic coastline and sandy beaches. There is a huge amount to see and do here and this post will look at 4 of the must-visit places in this fantastic county.

Kent Downs

As mentioned above, Kent boasts some of the finest countrysides in the UK and this makes it a great place for hikers and nature lovers. Kent Downs allows you to see this for yourself with trails through thick forests (dating back as far as 1600 AD) covered in bluebells during the springtime, dramatic coastal walks, and rolling hills. There are also dozens of inviting villages to stop off along the way to refuel. 

Botany Beach

You might not think of sun, sea, and sand when thinking about England, but Botany Bay can provide a superb beach experience located on the tip of the Isle of Thanet. Here you have gorgeous sandy beaches and blue waters with the backdrop of white chalk cliffs with a pathway appearing during low tide between Botany Bay and Kingsgate Bay. If you are looking for water sports then Joss Bay down the road is a great spot for surfing and paddle boarding. This is the kind of area that you can keep coming back to, so owning caravan holiday homes in the South East is ideal for those that want to be able to enjoy a beach holiday throughout the year.

White Cliffs of Dover

There are few sights more iconic in the UK than the imposing White Cliffs of Dover. Standing a mighty 350 feet above sea level and stretching 16 miles along the coast, these cliffs have played an important role in English history and it is also an area of great beauty to discover. Walking along the grassland at the top will offer stunning views out to sea – you might even see France on a clear day!


The seaside town of Margate is rising in popularity and it is easy to see why. In addition to the sandy beach, Margate is developing a reputation as an up-and-coming cultural spot known for art, music, and food. There are lots of fantastic places to eat in Margate – it is hard to beat fish and chips on the beach!

As you can see, Kent has something for everyone and these are a few of the must-visit places during a trip here. Kent is a beautiful, historic, and cultural county and one of the best places in all of the UK to visit.