2015 Nissan Rogue SL Red

Date Night in the 2015 Nissan Rogue

The normal coarse of business here for FactoryTwoFour’s car reviews is that one of our experienced auto journalists will take a vehicle for a full week, put it through its paces and push it to the limits of its individual capabilities, and then present their arguments for and against car here for you. But we’ve been doing this for years and sometimes we get a bit used to how this process works and could use a good jolt of what the everyday person sees when they experience a new car. Sometimes to get the best feedback on something you have to leave the experts behind. To this end, I asked out a lovely young lady named Ellie under the pretense that she would help me review the 2016 Nissan Rogue SE.

Here’s what she had to say:

This is a car a young mother of 2 would drive. She’s got a tattoo behind her perfectly blonde ponytail. Her party days are over but she’s not ready to grow up yet. This is not just a grocery-getter. This is for the cool mom.

I think what she means is, the Rogue doesn’t appeal to the hardcore mommy who’s whole identity is wrapped up in the fact that living beings came out of her womb. Rogue mom goes paddle boarding, has nights out with her girls, and still has a sex life.

It is not as comfy as my Lexus. It rides tight like a car. I feel the tiniest thing, like it’s both sporty and porky. But the rough edges are still smoothed out. It’s not unstable.

Here, she’s talking about the stiff suspension. Yes, the Rogue does indeed have a very stiffly sprung ride but it is by no means uncomfortable. It simply feels like more of a car underneath you than a hulking SUV pulverizing everything in its path. You feel the road, get feedback, and feel a bit sporty doing it. It is a wonderful balancing act that far too many SUVs and CUVs don’t get right.

I like the big sunroof

It is indeed big. Huge even. Nice piece of luxury and uniqueness for this Nissan.

It certainly feels tricked-out enough in here, but without becoming a NASA dashboard. And everything looks like it would wear well and has a durability factor.

The interior certainly is a welcoming place. While no one will call this a luxury interior, so too with no one call it spartan. All the tech you want is accounted for and beautifully presented, especially in this top-of-the-line SL package.

It isn’t trying too hard to look like something else.

That’s for sure. The Rogue looks unmistakably like a Nissan. I would never call this anonymous or bland, which perfectly suits its more daring driving dynamics.

We’ve driven the 2015 Nissan Rogue a few times here at FactoryTwoFour, and our opinions are pretty divided. For my money, this is a solid choice for those looking for a medium-sized CUV. It is neither trying too hard to be sporty, nor wall-to-wall carpet and leather. Instead, the Rogue is a quietly competent contender in this very hot segment right now.