Winter Driving Tips

Many of us are frightened of driving in winter weather. We worry about rain, snow, and wind. We’re concerned about how our car might cope in harsh conditions, and how different the roads will feel. We worry that we won’t have great visibility, and we just don’t have the confidence to get out on to the road. While it’s always advisable to avoid driving in very bad weather and certainly in deep snow, you shouldn’t have to avoid driving for the whole period. Here are some winter driving tips to help you to feel more confident and stay safe on the road, even when the weather isn’t great. 

Protect Your Car From Harsh Weather

Keeping your car looking great in the winter is tough. But, not impossible. Adding a ceramic coating can help to keep it clean, and protect its shell from winter weather. Other changes that you might want to make to keep yourself safe on the road include swapping to winter tires, tinting your windows to protect your vision from the low sun, and carrying chains in case of snow. 

Give Yourself Extra Time

Roads are slippery in winter. Rain, ice, and snow all lead to perilous conditions. But, even if the weather is mild, mud and leaves on the road can make conditions more hazardous than they would usually be. You might find that it takes you longer to brake and that you have less control over your vehicle than you would at other times during the year. 

The best thing that you can do to combat this is to give yourself more time. Other drivers will also be driving more slowly, so your journeys are bound to take longer, and you’ll need to give yourself more time, even for short journeys. When you are on the road, you’ll also need more time to change lanes, take corners, and come to a stop at junctions. This also means that you will need more space on the road. Leave more space between yourself and the car in front, and wait for bigger spaces before moving off into traffic. Don’t worry about delaying other road users, know that you are keeping yourself, as well as other road users safe. 

Get Your Car Serviced

You don’t want to break down when it’s cold and wet outside. Nor do you want to find yourself out of windscreen cleaning fluid or with any other issues. The best way to avoid problems and keep your car topped us is with a yearly service. Outside of this, if you spot any problems, head straight to the garage, don’t put it off. 

Check the Weather

Be prepared every time you get into your car by checking the weather and planning your route. Take the time to look at the forecast, so you know what to expect, and at a map, so that you know where you are going and how the weather might have affected roads and traffic. 

Know Your Vehicle

You know your car better than anyone. But, it might be instinctive. In winter, try to drive more mindfully. Pay attention to how your vehicle responds and learn from it.