Why CBD and THC are Effective Alternatives for Anxiety Treatment

Anxiety is a condition that’s sadly more common than ever. In countries like the United States where levels of anxiety are higher than usual pharmaceutical drugs tend to be handed out like candy. Individuals given pharmaceutical drugs to treat anxiety tend to get worse after discontinuing use and many experience nasty side effects. One highly effective remedy to anxiety is marijuana, a drug that has actually been legalized in many parts of the world purely because of its ability to treat mental health issues. This post will tell you why two of the drug’s most prominent chemicals are effective at treating anxiety.

Natural Product

A lot of people suffering from anxiety are reluctant to take pharmaceutical drugs. A general fear of side effects and adverse reactions tends to be present in many people suffering from the condition, sadly. At the same time, pharmaceutical drugs are known for causing unwanted side effects. Fortunately for individuals who’re reluctant to take anti-anxiety medication because they worry about having a nasty reaction, high-CBD hemp buds have almost no side effects. The complete absence of side effects makes them a much better option for worried individuals.

If you are planning on buying yourself some then you need to shop around and try and source CBD from a vendor that’s offering organic products. Many CBD manufacturers sell products farmed from non-organic hemp. It is especially important to make sure that if you are buying oils, they have not been extracted using solvents. Solvents sometimes leave trace amounts of themselves behind, post-extraction. While taking minute amounts of solvents won’t cause any noticeable immediate health effects there is speculation they can cause health problems in the future.

Widely Available

CBD is a product that is widely available. No matter where you live in the world you can find it. Even in places with very strict marijuana laws, you can buy it. The reason for this is that the chemical responsible for causing marijuana’s high, THC, is not present in large amounts in hemp, the plant from which most commercial CBD is extracted. It is possible for CBD products to be extracted from marijuana plants but it is not generally something that manufacturers and farmers do. It does need to be noted that it’s possible to buy CBD products that do contain THC; these are called full-spectrum products.

As healthcare treatments, full-spectrum products tend to be a lot better than CBD isolates. However, because they contain THC, full-spectrum products are illegal in some countries unless users have medical permits. If you are interested in making use of full-spectrum products and they are not legalized for general use then you need to get in touch with your doctor and ask them to write you a prescription. Even in places with strict drug laws like the United Kingdom, prescriptions can be written for full-spectrum CBD as it holds an immense amount of promise.

Highly Affordable

Another massive advantage of CBD is that it is very affordable which makes it something even people who’re on reduced incomes can use. Unfortunately the same cannot be said for pharmaceutical drugs. Every year thousands of Americans die because they are unable to afford the medication that they need. While anti-anxiety medication isn’t going to directly save anybody’s life it can still help people who’re suffering from serious mental health problems and improve their quality of life. It is also definitely true that anti-anxiety medication can prevent people who are feeling suicidal from taking their own lives. CBD, as it is affordable and widely available, is a great treatment option. The only bad thing is that in some places it is not legalized and therefore people have to jump through many hoops in order to get their hands on it. Some of the things they have to do include taking pharmaceutical drugs and trying other treatments first so doctors can be sure CBD would even be useful. The reluctance of physicians to prescribe the drug is a great shame.

Effective Treatment

CBD is a very effective treatment and it begins working almost immediately. Individuals who are interested in taking it should spend some time learning about the advantages of doing so first, however. If you are uneducated and do not know a lot about what CBD can do for you then it is unwise to use it. If you plan on using it then you need to make sure that you follow the dosing instructions given on the packaging of the product you buy.

CBD and THC are effective healthcare treatments, although CBD is the best. THC does hold a lot of promise as well but for people with anxiety, it can sometimes have a negative effect, making them more paranoid. Before using either of these chemicals do your research and speak to your physician.