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Why Tea is a Natural Remedy for Stress and Relaxation

Tea has been considered a natural remedy for stress and relaxation by many cultures, spreading back generations due to its soothing properties. With the development of modern technology and research, tea has been proven to contain chemical components that are indeed good at relaxing the mind. With this research backing it up, tea has spread across different ethnicities, being used in rituals to ease the strain of mental health on people. Most of the people have been using it paired with other practices like meditation. In this article, we delve into some of the reasons why it is considered in that manner.



L-theanine is a chemical component particularly found in black tea or green tea that has been proven to have a profound effect on releasing stress and calming the brain and body. It achieves this by helping in the production of dopamine and serotonin, responsible for producing a calming and relaxed state of the brain without any side effects like drowsiness. These effects are very visible with traditional loose tea and similar leaves. It sends out neurotransmitters through the body to trigger certain parts of the brain that are responsible for the production of these hormones.

Ritualistic and Mindfulness

The process of preparing tea itself is therapeutic, especially during stressful periods or when faced with anxiety. When emotions are running high, the brain is clogged up and unable to think clearly due to hundreds of thoughts bombarding it at the same time. For instance, concentrating on one process after the other helps a person focus on the task at hand and blurs any other thoughts causing you distress. 

In order to clear up this clutter and find your sane self between all the noise, you will need to slow your brain down enough to start thinking clearly. When making tea for meditation, there is usually a specific process that you follow; in its way, the process acts as a ritual. The brain is able to focus on something that it is familiar with, from heating up water and adding two spoons of sugar and the rest; a detailed consecutive process helps to promote mindfulness.


Sometimes, you might be suffering from issues brought about by chronic stress and mental illness. Tea has natural antioxidants that are beneficial to the body, like catechins that are present in green tea and polyphenols in other categories of tea. Green tea has always been a favorite in most cultures because it gives the best results. These are great for keeping yourself healthy as they are responsible for overall body wellness.

Reduce caffeine levels

Although caffeine is used most in the morning and when you are in need of an energy boost, being a coffee addict myself, it is proven to do more harm than good. It promotes restlessness and heightens the anxiety in your body as compared to the energy boost from tea. Tea contains little caffeine, which provides the body with enough energy to remain awake but does not exceed certain levels to trigger an anxiety reaction. If you want to reduce stress and relax, it would be better to lay off caffeine and switch to having tea instead.

Cultural association

Tea has a long history in many cultures as they believed it was a way to fix the body by relaxing and calming one’s emotional distress. It was also used for socialization as people would invite each other for tea and bond with family and friends, helping one escape their mind for a bit, which helps them get clarity after these sessions. Its historical and cultural association as a healing herb may contribute to its consideration as a natural remedy for stress today.  For example, in most African cultures they still invite each other for tea sessions and so do the British.


Now, as crazy as it may sound, hydration plays a major role in making sure that the brain is functioning correctly. When you are dehydrated, the brain processes the situation with anxiety attacks and distress, distracting your workflow and services. Water is a very important need for your body to function well. Tea is a great way to keep yourself hydrated to avoid such feelings; its health benefits make it the perfect substitute for coffee. Hydration is also good at keeping your brain alert and keeping your body healthy.

Warmth and comfort

Sipping hot tea is a sort of ritualistic experience that can provide a comforting and soothing feel that helps relax the brain and cool nerves. Have it steaming and trust me, the aroma and warmth on your hands and body is therapy itself. The warmth from tea relaxes the muscles and is good at releasing tension that may be built up in the body. Its healing factor is remarkable and reduces the chances of getting anxiety attacks or stress-related illnesses.

Herbal properties

Tea comes in a lot of different flavors, and they are mostly based on plants like lavender and chamomile, among others, which all contain amazing healing properties. There are countless ways of preparing tea and even more ingredients a person can use, from the backs of some trees, roots, or most commonly leaves. These plants have been used by different cultures going back generations, and they did this to relieve the mind of stress and promote a relaxed nature and calmness.


While tea is good for cooling nerves and tension in the body, it should be noted that it is not a cure for severe stress and anxiety. If you are suffering from a chronic illness, it is best to seek professional help and medication, as tea is just a way of relaxing, like meditation.