Disabled Veterans

What are the Benefits for Disabled Veterans?

Across the world, governments have put in place safeguarding measures to ensure that disabled veterans are duly compensated and looked after at the end of their service. Living with a disability is hard enough without having to struggle for money. While, of course, no one person is better than the other, nor does one deserve more than another, but notwithstanding those facts, veterans must be compensated highly. They are disabled, likely, as the result of their service. Their service allows us, normal citizens, the ability to live safely without fear of threat or attack. They lay down their lives, their limbs, and their mental health for us, and thus, deserve compensation and benefits. 

There are many different benefits afforded to disabled veterans, so they must know which are the best and which they are entitled to. This page will tell you the benefits available to disabled veterans in North America.

Contact an Attorney

Before applying for veteran disability benefits, you should consult an attorney. An attorney will be able to thoroughly advise you on which benefit should be best suited to your situation and will be able to fight to have you awarded higher sums of money. Deciding on this law firm or that law firm can be a difficult decision to make, but you must find the one that has the longest body of experience and has a history of awards being made to disabled veterans. If you are a veteran, you will likely be a member of a veteran’s club, in which case, you will be able to find a recommended attorney through them. It is essential you do contact one, otherwise, you may fall through the cracks as many do, and not be treated fairly and justly.

Disability Compensation

If you are a veteran who is disabled as a result of your brave service and was discharged with any discharge other than a dishonorable discharge, you may qualify for tax-free disability compensation, which can range between a hundred and thirty-three dollars a month, all the way up to three thousand and four hundred (there is a calculator here you can use to help you work out what you might be entitled to). You can receive the upper bracket of payment if you have severe disabilities (loss of limb, etc), have dependents, such as a wife and child, or have a seriously disabled partner. You may also receive upper brackets if you are unemployable as a result of your disability.

Disabled Veterans

Veterans Loan

A veteran mortgage loan is a type of mortgage that is highly beneficial to disabled veterans and is one of the most often used military benefits. If you qualify for the scheme, you can buy or build your own home, or refinance an existing home, with as little as a zero-dollar down payment, and will be given great rates and with no cap. There has been some controversy associated with it recently, but still, it is much better than a more traditional mortgage, as you will not be subject to private mortgage insurance, which is a monthly fee charged to protect the bank who has offered you a mortgage.

Education Award

The education award is a benefit offered to disabled veterans to get an education. It is also offered to family members of veterans or serving members of the military. The benefit is a fantastic way that ex-servicemen can get an education and pay for it. Student loans can cost an absolute fortune and can be completely unaffordable by most people. It is also a very good way for your child to be put into paid education and without having to spend tens of thousands of dollars or have them put in debt for the rest of their lives.

Military ID

There are different cards you can be entitled to as a disabled veteran that will allow you to get a discount in stores and reduced costs on big purchases. Military ID cards come in many shapes or forms, and while if you are no longer a serviceman you will not be entitled to a CAC card, there are other cards you can receive. As a disabled veteran, you must apply for one of these cards to ease the burden of day-to-day life and to save yourself a lot of money.

Hiring Preference

There is a scheme set up called the Federal Hiring Preference which allows disabled veterans more of a chance to get a job than somebody who would be more qualified. The scheme is a great incentive for veterans to get back into work and live ordinary lives as they once would have done.

Now you know a few benefits for disabled veterans and their families. We must treat our veterans with the utmost reverence and honor them for their sacrifices. They are, unquestionably, the bravest of our society.