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Want to Generate More Leads for Your Solar Business? Here’s How

Just like how the marketing game has changed for other businesses’ generating leads for your Solar Power Business isn’t as easy as knocking door to door or contacting people off of a mass list of prospective clients. In the 21st century, it’s important that we bring innovative ideas and utilize the new emerging technology in order to get our business to where we want it to be. 

Lead Generation is a whole new playing field today, and if you aren’t careful can accidentally utilize precious funds and time that can harm your money. Instead, before changing or developing your lead generation game plan make sure you do your research, so you’re able to direct your business funds to the area that will bring in more leads and by default more funds. 

It’s time to put a stop to the ancient sale cycle and move to bigger, better, and more rewarding things. 

There are plenty of ways this can be done. In this article, we’ll be sharing with you 5 ways to generate more leads for your Solar Business. 

Prioritize Lead Generation 

The only way you’re going to be able to optimize the most out of lead generation is by making you and your business the number one priority. Generating a steady influx of customers is difficult for all businesses, let alone an industry like Solar Energy that is still slowly trickling into popularity and mainstream media. 

However, people often misunderstand what this means. Prioritizing doesn’t mean finding a bunch of different methods and putting your energy into every single area. That is not a consistent or sustainable method. Instead, Prioritizing means, researching the methods in tandem with your business in order to find the right long-term technique that works best for you. 

In other words – find what works and stick with it hard. Your customers will be able to recognize this consistency and reliability and associate with your company. 

Invest In Better Software 

Investing in and automated software can not only help generate leads faster but can take the pressure off of you so that you can have peace of mind while working on other areas of business. There is plenty of software out there that provides multiple different functions for your company. If you contact Siliken, they’ll tell you these will help you with lead generation, create sales proposals, help with solar system design, prepare contracts, and provide maintenance monitoring. There really are no drawbacks. 

These lists developed by the software will allow you to develop niche lists of potential solar leads, that you’ll have full access to with the press of a button. These lists can also be divided into a variety of different categories to mean your needs even more accurately. 

These categories can include: 

  • Income
  • Roof Types 
  • Customer Demographics 

Strong Marketing Strategy 

Marketing is a huge part of the Solar Business. Like before, we don’t mean the kind of door-to-door marketing that made waves earlier in the century. We’re talking about an online strategy that has the capability to market across the country with minimal effort. 

An online presence is the best way to attract leads. This means making a Google business account, having a user-friendly website, and setting up various social media platforms. It’s important to remember these social platforms should be maintained weekly at the very least. 

An online presence is a form of advertising, but it’s important that the approach feels more like education instead of advertising. Try to create and release content that educates people on Solar Business instead of why they should choose you. The educating content will speak for itself and garner more leads. 

Utilizing SEO 

Speaking of an online presence, another way to use the web to generate more leads is by working with 3rd part websites. These 3rd party websites will be able to create SEO and keyword-optimized content that will organically drive more people to your website and social pages. 

How this works is you will hire this company and provide your companies information. They will write niche evergreen content that pertains to your business with a link that naturally refers your services to them. This process is usually inexpensive and has been proven to be effective in multiple industries. 

Customer Referrals 

Lastly, asking former leads to leave reviews is a big help, especially if you have Google business. This gives potential clients a basis of what they can expect from your services and shows them that your services have been proven to be effective. 

Lead generation is always essential in any business. Planning a good marketing strategy, utilizing software, and referrals through word of mouth can help your business to grow and attract more clients.