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Smart TVs – A Viable Option For Cord-Cutters

In today’s technological age, a fully connected house or apartment is becoming the expected standard. From adjustable LED light bulbs to garage doors controlled through smartphone apps to USB outlets, all of these features aim to make lives more convenient, while adding in a touch of cool for good measure. But do these upgrades offer something truly worthwhile at an affordable price? Every month prices seem to drop while the technology improves, but one product worth accepting right now are smart TVs.

As the cord-cutting culture continues to expand, the ability to connect to the Internet affords us the luxury to watch movies, stream music and connect with the greater reaches of the Internet without chaining ourselves to excessively high cable bills. Smart TVs deliver this experience in a more enjoyable form than a phone or tablet too, though the current trend in phone screen scaling seems to have other ideas. Considering Ethernet ports aren’t always readily available in every room (especially in older homes and apartments), establishing a connection via wifi is certainly welcomed. Despite the occasional buffering or blurry picture depending on delivered Internet speeds and connected users, it’s a rather sharp picture that will help you forget cable even faster. Additionally, the range of pre-loaded apps (Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, YouTube, etc.) deliver cable-free viewing right out of the box. To aid with searching for that perfect late night movie, most remotes also act as a mouse. Though, in all honesty, an actual wireless keyboard or smartphone app would make searches far quicker than the point-and-click style issued now.

Regardless of the very few shortcomings with live sports being a primary let down for internet-only subscribers, the recent inclusion of a smart TV has made my media experience far more satisfying than was ever capable with cable. It’s given me the shows, movies and content that I want to see, when I want to see it. Currently, it’s one of the better available options delivering very limited commercial interruptions and a continually growing list of media offerings. As an added bonus, the smart TV actually pays for itself with the money saved when opting out of a contract that includes the 300+ channels you wouldn’t have watched anyway. It’s time to update your TV and movie viewing options.