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Using Kratom: The Benefits and Risks

There are millions of people all around the globe that suffer from the effects of having a condition, that leaves them with constant chronic pain. Suffering from horrific pain, that lasts for a significant amount of time can have a disastrous effect on a person’s life, limiting their quality of living and putting a halt to fulfilling their life ambitions. The pain can be so intense that they may not be able to work, take part in fun family activities, and could be so unfortunate that they struggle to even leave their home.

Many physical conditions such as arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and any damage caused to the nerves can instigate chronic pain to occur and can continue for many years, sometimes even for the entirety of a person’s life. Enduring this constant pain does not just have an impact on a person’s physical health, it can also have a huge impact on their mental well-being. Chronic pain can result in a person suffering extreme anxiety, depression, and the overall feeling of just giving up on life. Yes, being dealt the hand of enduring chronic pain in life, can feel like you are trapped in a dark hole with no way out. 

Millions of people all over the world are now turning to the natural pain relief known as kratom. Kratom, the tree that is homed in Southeast Asia belongs to the family of the coffee tree and is thought to have pain-relieving qualities, treating and benefiting those suffering from lifelong chronic pain. The extracts from the tree have been used for hundreds of years to produce natural home remedies and have been successful in treating many illnesses however, is it evident that this natural derivative is completely safe? Is this magical plant the answer to our prayers or do the dangers outweigh the benefits?

The Benefits Of Using Kratom

Using small doses of kratom has been evident in treating those who suffer from extreme pain. Low doses are known to treat persistent pain and can also act as a stimulant, increasing a person’s energy, libido, and alertness. Kratom can be acquired in the correct dosage such as in supplements, in both capsule and powder form. The is a leading manufacturer that can supply you with many kratom-based products that are made to the highest quality. Purchasing their products will ensure you are taking the recommended dose, avoiding over-usage. The plant can have phenomenal effects on a person’s mental and physical health.

Effective Pain Relief

Kratom is thought to be a highly effective natural pain killer when it comes to helping relieve chronic pain. It is known to have more tolerable side effects than similar pain relief medications such as morphine and other strong opioid painkillers. Kratom comes in three selected strains, each colored red, white or green. They work by connecting to the opioid receptors, incapacitating specific signals, relieving the area of pain.

Positive Mood

The natural plant has been linked to enhancing a person’s state of mind and is thought to provide an uplift in mood. It can have a positive impact on those who suffer from depression. It can also aid anyone who may be addicted to other opioid medications such as morphine as it alleviates withdrawal symptoms.

Boosts Libido

Kratom has been associated with possessing aphrodisiac qualities and can aid in boosting a person’s sex drive. Studies were conducted and it was concluded that the natural compound is effective in enhancing the libido.

The Risks Of Taking Kratom

Although this natural plant is known to be effective in relieving chronic pain and discomfort, it does come with some serious health risks if used excessively. Many people are feeling the need to take large doses or use the plant for recreational use, this can result in terrible, critical consequences to your overall health and can end in severe addiction. When used irresponsibly it can result in many dangerous effects on your mind, body and can even be life-threatening. 

Damage to Liver and Kidneys

Excessive usage of the natural drug has been linked to suffering conditions such as damage to the kidneys and liver. When used for long periods of time and in large amounts your liver can be placed in danger, which can lead to liver damage. The kidneys take on the battle to filter those toxins from your body, becoming extremely overworked and resulting in kidney failure.

Severe Constipation

When kratom is used for a prolonged period it can cause severe constipation. Your digestive system slows down, therefore making bowel movements less frequent. This can result not only in passing painful, hard stools but in extreme cases can cause serious issues within the colon and can even result in a nasty rupture.


A regular intake of kratom can have severe consequences on your body weight. It decreases your appetite immensely, leading to dangerous conditions like anorexia. Due to the excessive weight-loss, your body and internal organs can be put under immense strain. This causes severe issues, leading to the organs failing, due to the starvation of food and nutrients the body needs to survive. Anorexia can be deadly.

When choosing to introduce any new supplement to your diet, it is always important to weigh up the pros and cons and also seek medical advice. Make sure that any new additions will not counteract with current medications causing any unpleasant effects on the body.