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Dealing With Your Takeout Habit

There’s no denying that sometimes takeout just hits the spot that you need it to. As convenient as it can be, it’s a good answer for when you don’t have the energy or time to cook, and it’s a very reliable tool for students who haven’t taken the time to learn how to cook. What’s more, there’s some takeout that just has that moreish factor that you get the itch for, even if that factor turns out to be a boatload of MSG or salt. If you’re dealing with a takeout habit that you want to knock, here are a few ways to do just that.


Spend time planning your meals

Buying your groceries is always going to be a better, healthier option than opting for takeout, even if you get that takeout at its hottest and freshest. Going for whole food ingredients is even better. To that end, you should use a meal planning app to plan out all of your meals for the week, so that you have the knowledge in your head that you have to make use of all of those ingredients or risk having to throw them out.

Make more than you need

Meal planning is the big key here, as buying a takeout often comes as a result of convenience, rather than choice (though cravings can certainly play a big part in that.) To that end, you should look at the meals that you can make plenty of, then reheat for future use. Pasta bakes, casseroles, curries, and much more can be made in a big batch, and then all you need to do is reheat them for dinner or lunch over the coming days.

Take the time to find the at-home versions of your faves

There might be some foods that you simply need to eat every now and then. Life just wouldn’t be the same without them. However, there’s a good chance that you can just as easily get them without a takeout option. If you constantly get a craving for a good chow mein, then you can look at some of the best frozen Chinese food brands that you can get online, instead. If you have a local store that serves the ingredients to make it fresh near you, that’s just as good.

Track what you’re eating

If you want to make sure that you’re staying away from your worst eating habits, then guilt can be a more motivating factor than you might think. Using nutrition tracking apps, you can make sure that you’re keeping yourself accountable. Once you set yourself some nutritional goals, seeing where you are at most risk of failing them can help you make the conscious effort to change those eating habits. It doesn’t mean you have to wail and punish yourself for every mistake, but it will make you a lot more mindful of them.

You don’t have to completely break away from your takeout habit. However, if your food bills are skyrocketing because of it, the tips above might help.