Types of Paddleboards Depending on Your Needs

If you want to stay active and have fun at the same time, paddleboards are one of the most popular water sports you could try. Recognized as a full workout activity, paddleboarding is a great way to strengthen your core muscles as well as tone your abs. It is also a great activity to boost your endurance and muscle strength. Apart from the fitness benefits, it is also the type of sport that surrounds you with nature and lets you enjoy the wonders of the outdoors. Just like any sport, it is best to have the right type of paddleboard so you can perform efficiently while on the water. Shopping for paddleboards soon? Check out our guide below to help you select the ideal paddleboard for you.

Paddleboards for Fishing

If you are a fishing enthusiast, you can enjoy this activity on a paddleboard too! Fishing paddle boards are popular among people who do not want to invest in a boat or a kayak. They are typically wider and have ample space for rod holders. One of its key features, as mentioned on this site, is its versatility. As compared to the kayaks or boats, paddleboard fishing is more advantageous because it is lighter and more convenient. It will allow you to move quickly and access spots that you can not reach with a boat. Apart from that, paddleboard fishing also allows you to see your bait or fishing spots more thanks to the height advantage.

Touring Paddleboards

For those who value optimized performance, touring paddleboards would suit you best. Paddleboards designed for touring are meant to be used for longer expeditions or coastal cruises in flat water. If you are looking to join in SUP racing, then a touring paddleboard will give you much more edge. The reason behind this is because touring paddleboards are designed for speed as well as maximum glide and efficiency. Given its focus on speed, the best touring paddleboards for you should be equipped with a displacement hull as this type of board gives off a smoother and more efficient ride. 

SUP Yoga Paddleboards

Did you know that you can do yoga while standing up and paddling? One of the most popular forms of yoga these days is SUP yoga. Because of the relaxation it offers, SUP Yoga has become a trend among the yogi community. If you are a practicing yogi or someone interested in trying out SUP yoga, you need to select a board that offers stability. In terms of length, medium-size paddleboards that range from 10 to 12 ft are typically used. You also need to select a board with a planing hull design as this is wider and easy to maneuver making it more conducive for yoga activities.

Surfing Paddleboards

Want more thrill and excitement while riding the waves? Surfing paddleboards would be your best bet. Surfing paddleboards offer greater mobility as compared to surfboards. It is also fairly easier than surfing on a surfboard as this will not require you to stand up hence making it suitable for people of all ages and even with anyone who has joint issues. When selecting paddleboards for surfing, it is important to take note of the board’s dimension as well as the deck pad. Experts recommend getting paddleboards with a contoured tailed pad along with a lifted rear edge. 

Inflatable Paddleboards

The best thing about inflatable paddleboards is that you can bring them anywhere you want to. If you are a frequent traveler who hates the hassle of dragging solid paddleboards around, an inflatable paddleboard is a great option. As compared to solid paddleboards, the inflatable one requires less storage space making it ideal for those who are always on the go. Aside from portability, inflatable paddleboards also come in different shapes and sizes designed for a variety of uses. When choosing one, it is best to take into consideration its application as well as its dimensions. The size, shape, construction, and materials are still one of the many things you should consider during the selection process.


Paddleboarding is a great activity for people of all ages and backgrounds. However, if you want to be equipped with the right paddleboard, you need to purchase a product that caters to your needs. Hence, it is best to first assess your preferences and requirements before purchasing a paddleboard. Although there are plenty of online stores that you can browse products on, it’s best to go to a brick-and-mortar store, so it’s easier for you to pick the right size.