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Turn Your Ordinary Garage into a True Man Cave With These 5 Steps

Every man dreams of having his own designated place where he’s the boss, and no one controls what’s happening inside. This place is usually called a man cave. Many men will turn their garage or basement into this and invite a few friends to have some fun.

If you’re planning to do the same, you need to get things done properly. It may take a little more renovation than you planned, but it will all be worth it. In this article, we’re sharing six crucial steps to take when planning to create your own man cave. Read on and see what they are.

1. Install a remote-controlled garage door

The first thing to do in your garage is to take the front door out if it’s old and outdated. Take it out and leave the place open while you’re working inside. If you want to have the full experience, you’ll need to remodel inside, and the door will only keep you from doing it.

When you’re done, you should install a new one that will be remotely controlled. We’re living in the new millennium, and there’s no need to have a manually controlled garage door. Opt for the great Merlin garage door remotes and have one designed with style.

2. Place everything inside toolboxes and cabinets

Your garage is a place where many items needed for the home and the garage are still useful, and you can’t just toss them in the garbage because you want to create your personal space. Instead, the best idea is to purchase a few cabinets and toolboxes in which you should place the items you might need later.

Depending on how much stuff there is inside, you should get the size of the cabinets bigger or smaller. Mind that these will not fit with your plans, so opt for those that will look and feel as natural as possible in the environment.

3. Soundproof the place

Since you’ll probably be playing loud music, playing games, watching sports, and doing other activities, you need to set up a soundproof wall that will prevent people inside the house from listening to what you’re doing.

This may be an investment that takes a little time and money. The walls should be insulated and improved with the right materials. If you know how to do this, go ahead, and if you don’t, it’s wise to hire someone for the job.

4. Install a bar and a fridge filled with beer and beverages

What’s a man cave without beer? Get yourself a fine-looking fridge which you’ll later fill in with beer cans. When the guys come over, you’ll want to drink and party, and if there’s no cold beer and other beverages of choice, the party will not be complete.

The best ones have the front opening made of see-through materials. This way, you and your friends can easily see what’s inside, how many drinks are left, and what to choose from. Make sure the fridge also has an ice machine that is much appreciated for keeping some of the drinks cold.

5. Get a few arcades and childhood games

Every man’s childhood passion was some of the many arcades made back in the day. We loved playing these games in arcade stores where most guys also hung out. Now, when you’re older and have so much on your mind, why not treat yourself with one.

Find a great place inside the garage for these arcades and turn them on. The thrill will go to the max. If you have the chance, get yourself more than one game. For example, you can also install a billiards table, ping-pong, air hockey, or something similar. Guys love playing games and competing, and every night with the boys will be filled with fun if you have these.

6. Set a big-screen TV where you can Watch Movies or Sunday Night Football

Another thing that will make you feel amazing is the big-screen TV placed on one of the walls, accompanied by a dozen theater chairs. The feeling like you’re watching movies in a theater is fantastic, and you can invite the entire family to do it from time to time.

A sports game also requires comfortable chairs. You and guys can enjoy a cold beer while watching the Sunday Night Football game and cheer for your team. Nothing better than enjoying a sports event on an oversized screen.

If you have no room for everything we described, you can only opt for a few last three options. However, the first three are mandatory. You simply can’t go without the perfect door, full sound insulation, and placing all existing items into cabinets. Do this, and you’re ready to create the best man cave possible.