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Actions You Can Make When Injured at Work

Even with safety standard levels at workplaces, you’re highly likely to be a victim of an accident at your job than on the road. Accidents at workplaces are often intriguing because they can happen while alone or around colleagues you consider as rivals. It worsens when your employer dismisses your accident claims after eliminating the evidence about the unfortunate occurrence.

With the pain and several concerns, it’s easy for the victim to get confused and fail to figure out the chronological activities to observe in such scenarios.

Here’s the list of things you should do:

Focus on Your Accident

Never allow anything to shift your focus from the accident and the injury it has brought. Because the injury has happened at your workplace, seek the first aider of the same location. If the extent of your accident is severe, the first aider will help you reach the hospital.

At the hospital, ensure that you inform the health worker that your accident is a workplace-related injury. The same information should be captured in the doctor’s notes to help to seek the services of a compensation expert if your accident is a workplace fault.

Talk to a Dedicated Compensation Legal Expert

Work accidents can be complicated to deal with in the very first place. Therefore, if you decide to claim for the refund of everything you lost as a result of the accident, you should consider involving compensation solicitors in the process. It’s worth noting that this process should be physical to ensure that you are an expert in the matter.

Phone calls aren’t ideal because the support team has no background in compensation claims. Remember, failing to pursue the process with an accomplished solicitor may make your case determined as a No Win, No Fee Agreement.

Share Your Predicament with Colleagues

Even if the incident happened while working alone, ensure you report to colleagues. It’s an important aspect, especially if you’re considering claiming compensation. When incapacitated, it’s your colleagues who will ensure you get real-time medical attention.

Record the Incident in the Accident Book

Every workplace should have a book that records accident-related information. Ensure that your information is consistent and the same with what you had shared in the previous stages. Remember, you have to report all forms of accidents to help your organization in maintenance.

Take a Photo/Record a Video

Even though your organization may have CCTV cameras, you still need to take your photos and videos to help when pursuing compensation. If you cannot take photos due to your condition, invite a colleague to do it.

Confide with a Reliable Colleague to Support You

During your absence from the workplace while nursing injuries, your employer may decide to cover up the incident to conceal the evidence. Your reliable colleague will be your informer on the progress of your accident.

Record all Your Symptoms

Take a book/diary and record the symptoms that the accident has brought. Even a computer or a phone can help you with this step. The information is vital for the nurses/doctors treating you, and it can be crucial to a compensation lawyer.

Contemplate Submitting Your Grievance

Even if your accident turned out to be minor, you have a right to present your complaint to the employer. It would be a necessity, especially if the accident happened due to defective equipment or slippery floors. The information can be valuable for your employer to improve the condition at your workplace.

Keep a Diary Capturing Your losses and Days You’ve Missed from the Workplace

Accidents are not only causing pain to our bodies but also the pockets. Since accidents are unpredictable, they force us to use the resources that you never planned to use in medical treatment. Capture the miles you covered while seeking medication and other issues related to the accident.

If your absence from work is causing financial loss, record it. In this section, you’re equally entitled to record a loss of enjoyment, especially if you had arranged for a holiday or an event.

Submit a Subject Access Request

Whether out of your curiosity or for plans to claim compensation in the future, you have a right to know the information your employer has concerning your incident. The area touches on medical files and even emails mentioning you.

Workplace accidents are common. If not handled rightfully, they can see you mess with your life and career as well. Most employers tend to ignore them when they happen. This article contains actions that you should consider taking from the start. By so doing, you help ensure that you are compensated as you deserve.