Top Tips For Long Road Trips

When you are planning to head out on some long road trips, it makes sense that you want to pack as much into the car as you can. Turning your car into a home on wheels. Here are a few ways that you can maximize what you have in your vehicle, and ultimately have the best road trip possible. 


Roadtrips are notorious for getting into places where you can no longer get radio signals. And with many cars having Bluetooth capabilities, all you’ll need to do it create some playlists on your usual music streaming service. If your car speakers aren’t great, you can pick up a cheap Bluetooth speaker to use instead – which will also come in handy when you want to listen to music in the evenings while the car is off. Consider how long you will be traveling for, and make your playlist twice as long. No one likes too many repeats. 

Maximize Your Car

If you are used to traveling around with tents or a trailer, then it is probably time that you swapped to a Roofnest a rooftop tent. They are super light and take little to no effort to attach to the roof bars. It is just under a foot in at it’s highest point and can easily fit in your bedding. Meaning you won’t need those things taking up space in the boot. 

Tiny Toiletries

Many people collect all of the small travel bottles from hotels when they are on their travels and then just store them away in the house somewhere. Instead of buying things on the road, make use of all of those minis. They take up next to no room, and you can reuse the bottles for the next trip. Use a single small container or bin for them, and always put the empties right back in there. 

Camping Bin

Rather than spend ages packing, checking, and up packing. Buy a single camping bin and put everything that is essential in it. It makes it much easier to keep everything in order and keeps the rest of your boot free for other things like a crate of food items. You can keep your camping bin packed at all times, so if you decide on the spur of the moment to take a trip, you can grab the bin and go. 


Keep some cash hidden in a few places around the car, and your camping bin. But never too much in one place. Cash is very helpful when you are on the road, and you get peckish for something hot and fast, or you need to find a camping spot last minute, and they don’t take cards. A few small bills can come in very handy – and you don’t have to remove them from their hiding spots if you don’t use them. Leave them there for next time. 


Because you will pretty much do everything in your car, from getting changed to having a wash, you should consider some really sturdy privacy curtains. You can make these yourself by installing some binder clips. You slide the metal into the tiny space between your interior trim and headliner and then simply clip a sheet up. 

Maximizing your space and lightening the load will cost less in gas too!