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Top Gift Picks for Cigar Aficionados

Some people are fascinated by smoking cigars because of a certain euphoria and good feeling that it brings when they do so. Some already have a complete set of accessories to enhance their smoking experience, while others are still looking for essential cigar-smoking gears. Nevertheless, if you are thinking of the perfect gift for a cigar aficionado, then read on to have a good idea on some of the top gift picks that will surely delight him.


One of the primary gifts that you can give a cigar enthusiast is a humidor that will keep their cigar fresh and flavorful at all times. Adam Carter, a seasoned Cuban cigar collector, provides a list of some of the best cigar humidors in wherein he was able to cover most budgets and capacities to suit a cigar enthusiast’s needs. While it is most likely that he already has a humidor built to his specifications, it is still worth investigating because you may never know if they are thinking of getting another one or a bigger one to cater to their expanding cigar collection.

Cigar Sampler

Another perfect gift idea that you can give to a cigar lover is a sampler of some of the best cigar varieties that probably he has never tried before. There is the option for you to purchase a ready-made box or go to the store and put together your picks for him. You must just be lucky, ending up choosing his next favorite flavor.

Whiskey Glasses

More often than not, a cigar aficionado already has all the gears that he needs to support his love for cigars. This makes it difficult for you to land the perfect gift. But don’t fret because there is also the option for you to give him whiskey glasses instead, which will best complement the act of smoking a cigar. While there are numerous gorgeous whiskey classes available in the market, you can go the extra mile and have your gift customized for them.

Record Player

It is often the case that cigar lovers create a perfect environment for an ultimate smoking experience. Aside from having a glass of whiskey, some love smoking while listening to their favorite soundtrack. This is where an old school record player will seal the deal. Fortunately for you, these record players have already made their comeback. However, when you give them a player, make sure that you couple it with some of his favorite albums on vinyl. There will be nothing more relaxing than smoking a cigar while having a glass of whiskey and listening to a nostalgic tune.

To wrap things up, the top gift picks listed above are only some of the best presents that you can give a cigar aficionado. There are still other gift ideas that you can explore, depending on the personality and preferences of the person that will be receiving your present. Thus, the key is in knowing what they already have, but rest assured that whatever you give, they will be able to appreciate your thoughtfulness.