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This Checklist Could Save Your Life: What You Need To Know Before Moving To The USA

Every year, millions of people are moving to the USA. It’s the world’s foremost economic power, offering plenty of high-quality jobs and a surfeit of internationally-acclaimed companies. 

But the country is also unique. While it shares some similarities with Western Europe and Australasia, there are more differences than you might expect. 

But what, specifically? Well, you’re about to find out. This checklist could be just what you need to save your life before moving permanently to the States. 

Research Visa Requirements

The USA is a relatively open country and you can travel there as a tourist whenever you want. However, if you want to stay for longer to work, you’ll need a different type of visa. 

Green card attorneys from New Frontier have some stern advice for anyone looking to make the jump. You don’t want to be in a situation where you’re undocumented as it can impact your ability to get a job and remain in the country long-term. You could also get a fine and be deported for breaking various immigration laws. 

Find The Right Place To Live

The next step is to find the right place to live. The USA is a huge country with diverse regions and climates. You need to consider factors such as cost of living, weather, safety, transportation, and culture when choosing your destination.

Fortunately, there are plenty of places you can look for digs. Platforms such as Airbnb and Zillow are great options for searching for apartments or housing that suits your budget and preferences. 

You can also join various online communities or forums for ex-pats and immigrants to the USA to get an idea of the best places to live. Most cities are quite diverse, but some have specific quarters where you’re more likely to find similar people. 

Get Health Insurance

The USA has one of the most expensive health systems in the world, which is why it’s vital to get health insurance. The system sucks up huge amounts of money, leaving you potentially bankrupt and destitute if you require urgent medical attention. A simple ambulance callout can cost thousands of dollars. 

Fortunately, most health insurance companies offer reasonable (but not low) insurance premiums. You may still need to pay several hundred dollars a month, but it’s better than receiving a giant and unexpected bill in the post that wipes you out financially and forces you into debt. 

Always compare various plans and see which applies most to you. If you have an employer or sponsor, ask them to get insurance for you before moving to the USA. 

Read Up On The Laws

Moving To The USA

The USA touts itself as being a free country, but it is easy to get on the wrong side of the law. And if you do, you could face long jail sentences. 

Before moving to the USA, you may encounter some cultural differences or misunderstandings when interacting with Americans or other immigrants. Always be respectful. Ideally, travel by car when in the city and avoid interacting with people. If you can get items delivered to your home address, that will improve safety and reduce the need to expose yourself to others outside of work.