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Things to Keep In Mind Before Purchasing a Smartwatch

As a newly introduced technology, smartwatches are growing more popular every day. They bring amazing new features to users, allowing them to take more control over their health and lifestyle. From heart rate sensors to daily task reminders, smartwatches have made it easier for users to access their mobile’s core functions and read their notifications without even unlocking their phones. There are even smartwatches that are categorized as standalone smartwatches; these don’t need to be tethered to a smartphone and can function with a separate SIM card. Before buying a smartwatch, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. Read on to find out more.

The Price of The Smartwatch

You can’t expect to stick to a certain budget when shopping for a smartwatch. Their prices vary remarkably depending on their features and brands. Some smartwatches will cost you a few hundred dollars, with many gadget options under a hundred dollars. High-end models can cost thousands. You will also need to consider your phone’s provider fees for syncing your phone number with the watch. Most service providers will offer the same plan for both your phone and watch, that’s like doubling your monthly phone bill. Make sure you are ready for these kinds of extra charges before buying a smartwatch. When making your purchase, check for a manufacturer’s warranty in order to ensure your watch is protected if you discover any malfunctions during the warranty period. 

The Ease of Use

Before getting a smartwatch, you should be asking yourself, is it going to add value to your daily tasks? Is it going to make anything easier for you? Are you going to be benefiting from any of its features? Considering most smartwatches are not cheap and come with small screens that sometimes make it hard to navigate the core functions, you have to decide if they are worth it before purchasing one. Some operating systems make it easier to use your smartwatch and some people don’t see the small screens as a problem considering they are benefiting from many other cool features. Most gadgets now will have quick and responsive operating systems that respond to touch and gestures that make it easier to use a smartwatch. 

Your Phone’s Compatibility

There are two types of smartwatches, tethered smartwatches and standalone smartwatches. If you are getting a tethered smartwatch, as most people will you will need to consider its compatibility with your phone’s operating system, or else you will not be able to use it. For example, Apple watches only tether with iPhones and not with Android devices. Samsung Galaxy smartwatches run Tizen OS, which is compatible with some Samsung Android models. Other brands of smartwatches like LG and Fossil run Google wear OS which is compatible with some Android phones and some versions of iOS phones. Depending on your phone’s operating system, you should be able to decide on a compatible smartwatch suitable for you. 

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The Watch’s Battery Life

The battery life of your watch is one thing most people consider before getting a smartwatch. This is because smartwatches run a lot of functions and offer tremendous features that drain their batteries, plus their battery life is not the longest to begin with. Apple watches, for example, will only give you up to eighteen hours of battery life. The maximum battery life a smartwatch can give you is about three days, with the least usage. Be prepared to have a device that needs frequent recharging to provide you with uninterrupted usage.

The Watch’s Weight

When choosing the device you are going to be wearing around your wrist all day long, you have to think about its weight. You are most probably going to be using your watch while working out, and the last thing you want is something straining your arm or adding extra weight. You want something that you can wear all day without getting distracted or losing focus. Look for lightweight smartwatches and try them first before buying any to choose the one that feels the most comfortable 

Smartwatches are not for everyone and it’s important that you find out if they are a good choice for you or not before deciding to get one. People use smartwatches to benefit from their fitness and health features and gain fast access to their notifications. If you don’t find these features useful or don’t think that a smartwatch will be adding much value to your day, then maybe getting a smartwatch is not the best idea right now.