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The Pros And Cons Of Taking Supplements To Improve Your Cognitive Functions

Are you looking to sharpen your memory and improve your focus? There are many ways you can do so. One of them is Nootropics. Nootropics are natural supplements that are used to improve your cognitive functions. Taking supplements to boost your brainpower has many benefits. However, it has some disadvantages as well. We have curated a list of the pros and cons of taking supplements to enhance your cognitive abilities.


Caffeine works by activating your central nervous system, making you feel less tired and more attentive. The studies show that it can increase your energy levels and enhance your overall brain function. Caffeine is one of the most consumed natural stimulants that is found in a variety of beverages including tea and coffee. You don’t need to take it as a supplement when you can get it from these sources. It is safe to drink one cup of tea or coffee a day. However, if you overdo it, you risk the chance of getting anxiety, nausea, and it may even become counterproductive for you and give an opposite reaction. It is good to consume caffeine in safe doses to keep it healthy and safe for you.

B Vitamins

B vitamins can help you overcome memory loss and facilitate your cognitive functions. Vitamins B12 and B6 are linked with having positive effects on the mental capabilities of those who are suffering from mild cognitive impairments. Vitamin B12 can significantly improve brain function and aid in the development of neurons. These are extremely important as this vitamin is not properly absorbed from the food. The lack of this supplement can develop vitamin B12 deficiency in your body. However, it is important to strictly adhere to the dose prescribed to you by your doctor as high levels of B12 can lead to kidney failure or even stroke.

Nootropic Stacks

A combination of other nootropics to increase their benefits on your brain function. These come in many variants. Your doctor can prescribe you a variant of synthetic and natural supplements that suits you best. It’s better to seek professional help when choosing a nootropic stack to ensure you get the most of its effects. Studies suggest that taking combinations of these drugs can prevent the side effects of a single supplement. These supplements, such as these nootropic private label products and others are also linked with enhanced brain function and cognitive abilities. However, it is important to consult a doctor who can provide you with the variant that caters to your needs and helps you avoid any negative reactions.

S-Adenosyl Methionine

S-Adenosyl Methionine (SAMe) occurs naturally in the body and helps break down proteins, fat, and hormones. This substance is also used in certain antidepressants to aid with depression and enhance the chances of remission cognitive functions. It can also reduce the decline of brain function. Moreover, SAMe can have a positive effect on individuals who had not previously responded well to therapy. Still, there is not much evidence to prove if it works on people that are not suffering from depression.


L-theanine can improve your brain function when combined with caffeine. Green tea is a good source of L-theanine. According to research, L-theanine can improve the quality of sleep and mental focus. This amino acid is also linked with improving mood and decreasing stress levels in your body. However, there is not much research that proves its positive effects on one’s cognitive abilities. It is also advised for pregnant and breastfeeding women to avoid this supplement.

Fish Oils

Fish oils are a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids that have numerous health benefits on your body. One type of Omega-3 fatty acid called DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid) is linked with improving brain function and slowing down memory decline. EPA can also help with healthy brain aging and improving thinking skills. However, if your memory functions are fine then this supplement may have no beneficial effects on your brain. There have also been various studies that signified no beneficial response in the older population either. The supplement may be significantly not having any effect on your brain because you’re already consuming the recommended amount of oily fish in a week.

When it comes to taking supplements to aid memory loss problems, it is important to do your research and carefully find what works for you. There are many supplements out there that don’t work as well as they should. You should always try and use natural supplements that have more benefits than disadvantages. Nootropics work best on people that have mild cognitive impairments. Every person is different, so it is important to find what works for you and what doesn’t.