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8 Ways To Effectively Get Rid Of Any Pests In Your House

Pests can be a nightmare to deal with especially if you have small children, pets and baby’s running around. Whether it is ants, rats or cockroaches they all cause extensive damage to our homes and some cases are even medically hazardous such as termites that feed on human blood.

Pests are going to get in your house no matter what you do, however, there are 8 effective ways to ensure that they leave as soon as possible and never come back.

Seal Up All Gaps

Seal up all gaps inside and outside of your home that may be letting pests inside. Common places like under doors, around window frames, cracks in walls, etc. are breeding grounds for bugs and rodents. Ensure that windows shut tightly without any gaps and doors also fit snugly into door frames with no space at the bottom or top of the frame. If you have a chimney, plug up any gaps where the flue is and use mesh to cover all holes that lead into your attic or ceiling.

Use An Air Rifle 


Air rifles emit an ultra-high-speed projectile capable of penetrating deep into the woodwork, walls, and other pest-infested areas to instantly kill your target. This is why they are one of the most effective methods for killing rats efficiently with no hassle. They are very safe around pets and children because they do not use gunpowder or compressed air. The mechanism uses the force from a coiled spring that is released when you pull the trigger and it fires out at up to 750 feet per second (kills on contact) so no rodent or insect is going to escape.

Get Rid Of Any Sources Of Water

Pets can be a source of water for bugs. Eliminate any sources of standing water or damp conditions like leaks and spills by fixing them immediately. Use caulk to seal up any gaps in bathrooms, basements, etc. that may be causing dampness, and look for signs of condensation on windows or walls that may indicate a leak is present somewhere within your home’s structure. Remember when fixing these areas to wear gloves as rodents will urinate around the source of water so if their urine dries onto your hands it can give you Leptospirosis which can cause kidney damage.

Use Natural Repellants

There are many different types of natural repellents that can be used to get rid of bugs without any harmful chemicals. Here are some natural repellents and how to use them:

  • Citrus Peels – Boil the peels from oranges, lemons, or grapefruits in water for 30 minutes. Then after cooling fill a spray bottle with the liquid and use it to spritz areas that bugs are present in. This will not only repel pests but will also deodorize the area. 
  • Bay Leaves – Bay leaves can be placed whole or crushed into crevices where bugs may enter your home like window sills, doorways, etc. They smell unpleasant to insects so they will avoid going near them to prevent any contact with their scent. 
  • Lavender Oil – Lavenders’ strong smell is enough to keep insects away. Mix 2 tablespoons of oil with 1 cup of water and spray in areas where bugs are present.
  • Neem OilNeem oil contains fatty acid-aldehydes which are natural insecticides that can be used on plants to kill pests without harming them. However, these fatty acids have also been found to have a repellent effect on other insects as well so they can be used on pets too! It smells like garlic/almonds but this smell does dissipate after 1-2 days when you use neem oil as an insecticide. Just add a few drops into any regular plant food you use and feed it to the soil every week or two for maximum effect.
  • Peppermint Oil – This oil not only leaves behind a sweet peppermint smell, but it also acts as a natural bug repellant too which discourages them from visiting. Mix in water with vodka and spray this mixture on doors, window sills, etc. where insects may enter your home. 

Freeze Clothes Moth Infested Items

Clothes moths love warm, humid conditions so if you have any clothes moth infested items avoid keeping them in your home. Instead, fill a sink with cold water and immerse the items halfway into the water to freeze them. This kills all eggs and larvae that may be in the clothes which then dry out completely so they cannot hatch or breed again. 

However, to ensure no more pests can ever come back, just take the frozen clothes outside and place them on a table covered with aluminum foil before placing them inside a garbage bag which is tied tightly shut until trash day comes around every week. Then put this bag inside another one until you are ready to take it out for disposal. 

Keep The Right Temperature In Your House

Different pests require different temperatures to survive. Keeping your home at the correct temperature is important for discouraging pests. For example, cockroaches cannot survive in temperatures below 50 degrees Fahrenheit (10 degrees Celsius). So keep your home around this temperature to discourage them from entering and breeding. 

Use A Le Trap Insect Trap

Le traps work by attracting insects into the unit where a powerful adhesive strip is located that instantly gets rid of them; this makes it a perfect solution for killing ants, flies, roaches & other irritating insects without using chemicals. It is important to place the unit close to common insect entry points like windows and doorways so that pests are lured inside the trap before they enter your home. 

You can either mount one on an outside wall or place it flat on the ground (use double-sided tape for mounting).

Take Out The Trash Regularly

Pests are often drawn to the scent of leftover food that has been left lying around your house so taking out the trash and recycling regularly will help deter these pests. Although this seems like a basic thing to do it is important to ensure that all trash is disposed of properly without spillage to discourage pests from entering your home via the rubbish chute or bins outside. If necessary place bins inside along with a deodorant such as citrus soap around the bin to get rid of the smell.

Getting rid of pests in your home can seem like an impossible task but there are several ways to do it effectively and efficiently, even if you don’t have a lot of experience with pest control methods. Seal up all gaps that could lead into the house-whether they’re tiny holes or cracks near windows, doors, pipes, etc., these will be escape routes for any unwanted guests. Use an air rifle. Use natural repellents such as diatomaceous earth or peppermint oil to keep ants out of kitchens and bathrooms; these substances won’t harm humans but many insects find them unpleasant. Get rid of sources of water outside the home so that bugs come inside looking for moisture instead (e.g., collect rainwater from gutters).