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The Importance of Face Coverings in Times of a Disease Outbreak

It is extremely important to maintain all safety measures while scientists are still continuing their research and learn more about COVID-19. Measures that are widely practiced are physical distancing and frequent wash of hands with hand sanitizers or soap and water. 

One of the most effective ways which prevent the spread of the disease is wearing a face covering.  It is more than important to wear something that covers your face, and here is why. 

How do Face Covers Help?

In case you have to be outside and find yourself in a public space, wearing face coverage is a must. Face masks, or other means of protection, will assist you and others to contain respiratory droplets that are able to spread coronavirus. Especially if you or the person next to you is an asymptomatic case. 

For instance, while inside of the store, school, restaurant, office, or while you are simply in public transportation, face cover of any type is advised. 

When you are alone with your family, or in any sort of room by yourself with the doors being closed, are an exception from this rule. While walking outside, or exercising next to others, it would also be recommended to wear something which will protect you and others. 

Face Shield

The face shield is a film that is made out of plastic or any other transparent material. It is designed to be worn like a visor. You would attach it by using a band that goes over your head. Since not all people can wear masks for different reasons, it is a great alternative which professionals from would agree with. The one who is wearing the face shield can protect themselves from any sorts of particles that may come your way. Many health care workers use face shields in combination with masks to block out any bodily fluids from coming into contact with them. Wearing those covers together minimizes the risk of getting any infection. 

Surgical Mask

Usually, the color of these thin and flat paper-like masks is light blue or white. A study that has been published in 2013 by Aerosol Science and Technology, has shown that surgical face masks can filter out smaller inhaled particles about 60 percent. 

Primarily, they are used to stop droplets, splatters, or sprays to reach the wearer. research has also shown that wearing a surgical mask diligently in public spaces can drastically reduce the spread of any respiratory infection, especially COVID-19


Face respirators known as N95, offer protection against the COVID-19 as well as from other respiratory infections. Primarily, the person wearing it is protected because the N95s would filter out 95 percent of particles from the air that is breathed in.

Unlike other masks, N95 face respirators are intended to protect you from others, while cotton and disposable masks are keeping people around you safe from your own droplets. 

It would be wise to make educated research on how to take care of your mask or any other face cover you use. If not used properly, the mask or the face shield will not be as effective. Have in mind that just because you have something over your face, that does not mean that social distancing and washing hands should be thrown out of the window. 

By practicing all of the regulations together, people will be able to stop the spread of this deadly virus.