black jeep wrangler windshield banner

The best method to install windshield banner on your car

You can find windshield banners on every vehicle. These banners help you to modify the appearance of your vehicle according to your personality and style. At the same time, you can use them for numerous purposes such as advertising your business, promoting your services, or even supporting your favorite events. 

There is a wide range of windshield banners available. You might be thinking if I should get a new windshield banner for my truck or continue with the same banner? If you want to give your truck a new look and add a personal touch, you should get a new decal and start with the installation process without wasting any further time. 

The technique involved in the installation is very hard. If you follow all the actions adequately, you can have a proper setup. Here we have provided the stepwise approach for the installation. Please have a look at it and proceed accordingly. 

Prepare your car for the installation

The very step you need to do is clean the windshield so that the glass dust does not interfere with the vinyl material. For this, you can even use soapy water or some glass cleaner to remove the debris. With the help of a clean cloth or towel, gently clean it so that not a single speck of dust is left. Remember, if it remains, it will form a bubble and will appear in the end. To get the best results, you can even warm it up. 

Find the mark in the center 

After cleaning the surface, before you place the sticker, find the mark in the center. With the help of the tape or a pencil, mark it in a perpendicular shape. This will let you have both the vertical and horizontal lines of citation. Also, some vehicles have a rearview. Make sure that you do not use this mirror as a reference as it can displace the windshield center’s position. 

Find the center of the windshield banner

Once you have marked the windshield center, find and label the center of the windshield’s banner. For this, you can fold the decal. As a result, you will get the crease in the center. 

Get familiar with the location of the fitting

Once you are done with finding the center of the windshield banner, know about the area of installation. This will help you in giving the desired results. To achieve this, you can try placing it into the windshield center and see if it fits in the right place. 

Scrape up under the sticker

After locating the area of the installation, scrape up under the sticker and peel it off. You can use your fingertips. Make sure that you do not use a razor blade as it can damage the banner entirely. For best results, you can also use glue removal products. 

Last Step: Placing the banner on the windshield

Your banner is all ready to be placed in the location which you have located. Turn the banner over and paste it into the desired place. Now, remove the application tape at an acute angle. 

 The windshield banner decals are the item that can enhance the look of your truck in a very cost-effective manner. Remember, you do not expose them to heat and sunlight.