Lexus NX 350

The 5 Best Features of the Lexus NX 350

The Lexus NX 350 is the SUV that was probably right next to you on the freeway this morning, or is parked across from your car right now as you wait for your coffee/tea/pistachio milk latte. It’s a modern Lexus SUV, so it is absolutely everywhere. But perish the thought that these are only bought by retirees or stay-at-home-non-binary-family-caregivers. Indeed, they are popular with a wide swath of people for the very simple reason that they are good. As I said, it’s a modern Lexus. But if you needed more convincing, here are my Top 5 Favorite Things (in no particular order) about the Lexus NX 350:

Lexus NX 350

The Steering wheel

Good lord the F-Sport option gives a handsome and handy steering wheel. The airbag center portion is just the right size – tiny – and there aren’t a space shuttle’s worth of buttons here. Just enough to navigate through music and map functions. This keeps your eyes on the road and off the huge screen dominating the cockpit. Speaking of which…

The Infotainment Screen

It’s large, it’s in charge, and it’s not apologizing to anyone. It’s the Andrew Dice Clay of automotive touchscreens. And if that endorsement isn’t ringing or obscure enough for you, let me lay down this factoid: You can save a personalized profile in the system that will remember that you like the radio louder, AC colder, and seat closer than your significant other. I’ll take anything that lessens the number of buttons I have to push each time in get in a car.

Lexus NX 350

The Butt-Grabbing Seats

Once your seat is nice and close like you want it, you can take in just how cosseting these thrones really are. They look great with your backside out of them, but they are even better once you are planted in their leathery embrace. I found them to be firm, snug, and comfortable. Just like a good therapist’s couch.

Lexus NX 350

The Bangin’ Stereo

With your backside taken care of, it’s time to perk up your ear holes. If you want to hear the crispest version of your favorite Duran Duran cover band, you can do a lot worse than a 17-speaker Mark Levinson stereo. Not only does this system rock the many worlds of the solar system, it looks classy as hell while it’s doing it too.

Lexus NX 350

The Androgynous Runway Model Looks

In full F-Sport trim and “Ultrasonic Blue Mica” paint, the Lexus NX 350 is a looker. The stance is just right, the aggression is palpable, and that blue is visible across the parking lot. Every day walking out to this car, I admired it’s proportions and coloring. It doesn’t shout it’s style, but it does declare it firmly.

Now I’ll freely admit that many of my favorite things about the Lexus NX 350 are options that you have to pick and/or pay for. But what is life if not a series of choices that will go on to determine your relative comfort, success, and mental well-being? Sorry to get all heavy on you at the end here, just remember that your mom loves you.