Spending Quality Time With Your Grandpa

Gone fishing

If you’re lucky enough to have grandparents, you should use the time you have with them to learn a thing or two. For young boys and men, spending some quality time with grandpa is going to be something you’ll never forget. You never know what he might spring upon you. Bear in mind, he was in your position once. He was young, brash, grabbing the bull that is life, straight by the horns. He could tell you a few things about his life that you could learn from to help and or improve your own. You won’t find all life experiences in a book, sometimes you have to hear them firsthand. So how can you spend some extra time with your grandpa and do so in a way that you could improve your own life?

The classic, timeless, ‘gone fishing’ weekend trip down to the lake or river with grandad. It’s a highly recommended strategy if you want to ask your grandpa about something. Maybe it’s about relationships, your career, something about culture or religion. Unlike your dad, your grandpa won’t try and sugarcoat things. He’s from a different time where there wasn’t any filter to language. He’ll just tell you straight about what he thinks you should do. He won’t mince words but that’s why we love them. Make sure that you have planned your trip carefully. Buy a thermal tent so an older gentleman won’t feel so cold at night. Make sure you have a thermal blanket as well just in case you’re in a part of the country where it rains a lot. 

Impressing him

Those of us that have a healthy relationship with our grandpa, will be familiar with the feeling of wanting to impress him. There’s something satisfying about making a grandpa laugh, bringing some joy into his world. Learn an old man joke or two and try them out on him. Give him a link to that website because it’s full of things that are designed for the older generation. You can both read through the many hundreds of jokes and see which ones you find the funniest. Another way you can impress your grandpa is by learning something about his era. Maybe find some music that was very popular during this time. Make a model aircraft with him, particularly of a plane that made an impact on his life. 

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Learning how to drive

If you live in a state whereby a license holder can give you preliminary lessons on how to drive, then use the opportunity to learn from your grandpa. Go to a remote location where if something does go a bit haywire, you won’t hurt yourselves or anyone else. Then allow your grandpa to teach you how to do the basics and learn the simple things about driving a car. It’s a great opportunity to bond with each other and create memories that will stay with you even after he’s gone.

While you still have him, spend a little quality time with grandpa. Go on a fishing trip together, learn how to drive from his teachings and make him laugh.