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Should Rockstar Games Invest in Creating a Game Based on Ancient Mythologies?

Rockstar Games is without a doubt one of the most influential video game studios of the 21st century. The studio has gone above and beyond releasing AAA multi-million-dollar games such as Grand Theft Auto, Red Dead Redemption and Max Payne. The outlaw and outcast scenarios have worked really well for the New York-based game developer, but it has limited its clientele to gamers who only enjoy a specific type of storyline. Considering the studio’s resources and top-level product quality one would wonder why Rockstar Games does not try launching a category of games based on something different than crime, survival, cars and manhunts. For example, Rockstar Games can take advantage of its development team’s experience and to create a new franchise based on ancient mythologies, which will offer a similar user experience such as that of GTA and RDR.

Rockstar Games on Twitter: "Red Dead Redemption 2 is now available for  PlayStation 4 and Xbox One systems #RDR2" / Twitter

Mythology and Deities Have Always Been Top Sellers in Gaming

Investing in mythology-based games would probably be a low-risk decision for Rockstar Games, as such games sell well regardless if we are talking about console games such as Assassin’s Creed or gaming alternatives such as the Maze Keeper edition of Age of Gods, a Greek-mythology game based on the myth of the Minotaur that one can play at popular online casinos. Gamers of all backgrounds will always be drawn to characters like Zeus, Horus and Odin regardless if their mission is to run around holding a trident or if they simply want to spin the reels and to wait for the paylines to reward them. Using the input gathered from every video gaming category, Rockstar can take things to a whole new level by creating a mythology game that will remain relevant through multiple generations. Look at how well things have gone for GTA and imagine what the studio can do by heavily investing in a new theme.

The Challenges of Creating a Platinum Game

Making AAA games is not easy and it does not come cheap. Studios need to put in thousands of hours in order to get everything right and in order to create a game that will consistently sell one copy after another. GTA5 was released more than ten years ago, but it is still one of the most actively played games out there. This happens because gamers are still finding new reasons to play it. Some enjoy playing GTA because of all the mods one can apply to the game and others because it is a never-ending gaming experience that offers gamers a lot of post-game value. 

How Can Rockstar Games Manage to Allocate Time and Resources on a Mythology Project?

Rockstar Games has a huge development team and many of its members are working to the bone. This creates huge challenges for the studio as any new project can apply more pressure to an already pressured development crew. However, the development of the upcoming GTA 6 is almost complete and RDR 3 is in its final stages. This means that the studio will find some free time in about a year from now and this could mean that there will be available time for a brand-new project. 

Rockstar Games GameSpot on Twitter: "For those of you who have been patiently waiting, be  prepared to wait a whole lot longer. GTA 6 will reportedly launch in 2025." / Twitter

When Are GTA 6 and RDR 3 Coming Out?

Rockstar fans have waited pretty long for the next instalments in the Grand Theft Auto and the Red Dead Redemption gaming series. If all goes according to plan, then GTA 6 will be hitting the shelves before the end of 2023 and RDR3 will become available for purchase at some point during 2024. Both games are expected to outsell their predecessors and they are expected to generate billions for Rockstar Games. 

L.A. Noire 2 – An Abandoned Project

When L.A. Noire was released back in 2011, gamers thought that it would have been the next best thing, and looking at the figures, their expectations were not very wrong. However, the L.A. Noire project was discontinued and it does not seem like there will ever be a sequel to this interesting detective story. This may have been a result of the success of GTA and RDR or of an executive decision at Rockstar, but in both cases, the studio may have lost a significant amount of money from not investing in one or more L.A. Noire sequels.